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Collecting configs / Auth permissions

Hello guys, IIt is my first post at this community, I hope not last :) So to the point, I am buildin...

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Not able to save authentication - Semi Laravel related problem with Internet explorer and localhost

Yesterday, I was banging my head against the keyboard all night, having big problems getting authent...

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How can I test that a route has a filter set?

If had the following call in my test: $response = $this->call('GET', 'user/profile'); how can I...

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Best practice to prevent other users viewing/editing each other data

Hi all, I am new to Laravel and was wondering what would; be the best practice to prevent users edit...

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CORS ORIGIN from mobile app

Pardon my newbie-ness, but I'm new to Laravel and developing RESTFUL APIs in general. I found docum...

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Resource authentication and session data

In my controller I have: public function __construct() { $this->beforeFilter('auth', array('excep...

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Logout issue

if the user login, Auth::check() will be return true; But how to make sure the user logout ? not use...

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Intranet help

Hello In my job, we developed 7 years ago an Intranet without a PHP framework. The project has grown...

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User change password method

Sounds silly, but how do I allow a user to change their password through the authentication driver?...

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What will be the best way to extend Sentry2 user model?

Hello, In my laravel 4 application, I need to add more fields in user table. I made new migration fi...

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[Package] Permissions

Permissions is a tiny Laravel 4 package for handling user roles and permissions. Check out my Github...

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Local User / Social login Management

Hi everyone, I've been wondering what would be the best way to provide my users social login as well...

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Laravel 4 hash not matching

Hey, I am trying to auth my user, created a user using hash::make('1234') but it's not matching when...

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Who's online Laravel 4 Session

Hi everyone, i'm trying to implement in my Laravel 4 app, a script that shows me which users are onl...

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My Auth::check is not working in view.

My Auth::check is not working in view. but works fine in controller. also works fine on local server...

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Why the email of the reset password will send twice and there is a subject on the first email but not on the second email

Everything seems working well but the email of reset password will send twice. That's strange!

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Application cant determine owner of a model

Hi everyone :) I'm having a problem with determining a owner of a model. The application is supposed...

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L4 external auth

Hi, my L4 apps runs in MySQL, and all my user accouts are in SQL-Server. I would like create a basic...

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problem with login

I have the login method in my AuthController: if (Auth::attempt(array('usuario' => $user, 'passwo...

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Integrating Databases with Exotic Column / Table Names & Laravel Auth

How well does Laravel (or more so PHP) handle integrating with databases where the table/column name...

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