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Kyslik\ColumnSortable - Join query problem

Hello, I have a problem with sorting (Kyslik\ColumnSortable). I have a join query and I would like t...

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How can I have a user relationship from 2 other table

Hello All, My Database structure : users Table : id / name events Table : id / start / end activity_...

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Buenas tarde me podrían ayudar con una relación de 3 tablas

No se que mas me falta para que funcione a la hora de guardar desde el controlador. La idea esque un...

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Custom Route Binding when using withTrashed on routes.

I am having a problem with implicit model binding on routes for Soft Deleted Models. When using the...

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Can not tags by using Laravel Spatie Tag library

In model:- use HasTags and when i have attach tags using like this $model->attachTags(['Tag 1',...

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Laravel 8 get data of last 7 days

I'm using laravel 8 and I want to list data of the last 7 days for each row and when no data is foun...

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how to retrieve data with eloquent relation in laravel 8 api

i tried to create an api with laravel 8,when i try to retrieve data with eloquent relation it's gett...

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Eloquent groupBy Day

Hi I'm using below code to retrieve "day" and "amount". However if there is any...

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Laravel 8.X Blade using anchor tags in a @foreach

Hi! I'm a little confused with the blade @foreach loop: I have a table that shows a list of car make...

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how to implement dynamic filters associated with models

I've a lots of models like User, Order, .... I want to write dynamic filter associated with request...

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How to slow down SQL execution rate in background job.

Hi, We have a Laravel job which uses Eloquent to generate formated data for caching. The job hits th...

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FIQL/RQL parser for Eloquent models

Hello, I need to run queries to my eloquent models using some parser using FIQL or RQL syntax. Can s...

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Eloquent: get all non-trashed plus one specific trashed

How would I get a list of active Users plus a User that might be soft-deleted? Say, a salesperson is...

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Laravel 8 relationship three models belongs to Parent model

Hello everyone I'm currently working on a laravel project where I have a parent table that has the i...

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Update Database Field On Checked & Unchecked Of Checkbox

Hello, I Want To Update My Database Column Of Checkbox On Checked & Unchecked, Want Will Be The...

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How can i show auto calculated field in a view?

Hi i have in my database a table with the following fields: $table->decimal('sale_price')...

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How can I optimize this eloquent code for better performance

Product belongs to many postings, and I want to sum multiple columns. This example working correctly...

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Entity Relationship Diagrams with Laravel

Hello, I've been using a tool for the last decade which allows me to create an ERD for my projects:...

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Laravel - Larawire Multiple Dynamic Dropdown

I am creating 2 dropdown with department and specialty. Specialty is linked with Department. When sa...

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How to update mulltiple “keys” of a jsonb column in Postgres

Trying to update multiple "keys" of a jsonb column in PostgresSQL using Laravel Eloquent a...

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