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Controller changes does not reflect

Hi. I have a problem. I tried to change the controller but when I open the route it doesn't reflect...

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Blob not working in Laravel

I have tried to post blob file to Laravel using axios but the file returns null while the payload lo...

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[Resolve]Some problem with submit form

Hi! I have some problem to send a form in my Laravel Project. I try to submit mass input with same n...

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ajax post in laravel 5 return error 500 (Internal Server Error)

this is my test ajax in laravel 5 (refer below) $("#try").click(function(){ va...

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preventing one role from accessing the property of the other

I have an inventory app that has three different roles, namely operator, admin, and super admin. the...

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Add pin password to built in authentication

I'm writing my first application with Laravel (v 5.5) and it's days I'm trying to figure out how I c...

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About attaching morphable models

Hi everyone, I don't know if there is a better way to attach a morhpable object to its owner. In my...

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validate() redirect not showing all error messages (Chrome)

Laravel 5.4 version The validate() function works until I test more than 3 errors in the form. Upon...

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Define model based on role

How to define model based on role I have a table where I save users. Users can either be a student,...

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posted 4 years ago

Named Route giving error has no action (5.5)

I have a named route in web.php: Route::get('editFact/{id}'.'[email protected]')->name('editFa...

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Laravel Modules: Routes not Autoloading on Web (except for one)

I am using the nWidart/laravel-modules ( package for Lara...

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Change password using API via Passport

Hello, So, I'm using Passport and what I do need is to set a way to change the user password via API...

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[5.4] How to prevent the csrf_token expiration and caffeine.

I have a page with a form which users use to plan activities and it might require a long time to be...

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How To Create Unique Validation On The Form Request

Hi all I have 2 unique field for label and isbn. For the cleaner code i moved the validation to a Fo...

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Subscription and billing system without stripe?

Hello all. Been trying to wrap my head around how to implement user subscriptions in laravel without...

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posted 6 years ago

Laravel, with NuSOAP in a controller, does not work

Having a NuSOAP web service defined in an inline route closure function works great, but having it i...

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Vuejs Vuetable-2 error.

Hi I'm following a tutorial tutorial But I keep getting the same error: TypeError: this.$refs.pagina...

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Add Hash Fragment to URL after returning View

Hi, I've been searching the web about this and all I see are appending the # to Redirects. How about...

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policies and request loops

hello, I have an issue with requests loop with what appears to me like a pretty standard feature (bu...

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posted 8 years ago

Is it a good idea to create an clone application (like dropinn for airbnb) using laravel framework?

I want to create a clone application in laravel, but I am little concerned about the user reactions....

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