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The best way to code mlm app?

We like to implement a system for a Network Marketing Company that operates in several countries but...

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I need to custom return data pagination and view path

I need to custom return data like this and view path but I dont know how to extend service provider,...

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SFTP issue

I want the pick the csv from the SFTP and use array to run in a loop in laravel

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Should i leave F*cking php ? Its ruining my life!!

Hi all , let me tell you my story. I was once upon a time a smart student, I used to stay 2nd ranker...

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Architecture question, json feed import

Hello, I'm developing a web application which uses a json feed from a website to build the database...

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Help on an old dev in Laravel 3 to be transposed in Laravel

Hello, For the engine/server part of a free virtual reality/opensource environment that can run on W...

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Using Spark for a SAAS project, with team-based billing. Would like the API keys to be team-based as...

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Redis connection contract

Laravel Version: 5.8 Why doesn't

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Laravel Form Post issue 419 from AWS ES hosting subdomain

Hello, I have used AWS server and Laravel 5.5. So main domain point to main ec2 instance, and sub do...

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Class Not Fount Exception Laravel Controller

laravel route using worng controller . how can i slove? Not Using **namespace App\Http\Controllers\A...

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RouteBinder - an open source library - feedback most welcome

RouteBinder is a package designed to help you with clean model validation when using Laravel route b...

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Backpack VS AdminLTE

Hello, Is anyone have an experience using either Backpack or AdminLTE to develop admin panel in Lara...

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What PHP IDE are you using for Laravel??

I tried many PHP IDE for my work And now, I always use Laravel Framework. I used PHPStorm Many Mem...

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posted 4 years ago

User and Profile tables

Hi guys. I'm developing a social network for training laravel and i have doubts about how I should o...

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Blade Template / Liquid Template Engine

HI All, I would like to check a few things, is there github repository for Blade or it's a built in...

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Laravel structuring medium to large scale application

Trying to grasp how to structure my app. I am using Vuejs spa as front-end and Laravel as backend AP...

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Multiple Laravel Echo Instances -Different Pusher App Keys

window.alpha = new Echo({ broadcaster: 'alpha_pusher', key: 'alpha-pusher-key' }); window.beta...

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Database Architecture Suggestion

Hello, I need suggestions for database architecture. I am going to build SaaS application for Compan...

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Multiple websites on one laravel application

I've created a dashboard on laravel with user authentication. I want to create multiple websites on...

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Passport authentication from remote Laravel API

HI, Suppose I have 2 or more Laravel API sites and only One Laravel API site is using Passport and r...

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