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Issue encountered when using the specification pattern + repository pattern

Hi, So I'm creating a route where you would pass a string and it would return all the products havin...

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Define model based on role

How to define model based on role I have a table where I save users. Users can either be a student,...

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PHP God Game training

Hi guys I'm due to give a training on agile software development in PHP in a couple of weeks - not L...

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Laravel Vs Codeigniter. A difficult choice.

Hey fellows. I am in a situation I am sure I could use your comments. I have been working with Codei...

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Dynamic EagerLoading

Laravel Version: 5.5 PHP Version: 7+ Database Driver & Version: mysql 5.7+ ###Scenario: I have...

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Make laravel app a subscriber to another app.

Hello I'm wondering on how to make a laravel app behave like a subscriber in pub sub to r...

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8 Apr, 2015 at 10:30

Open source project made with Laravel

Where I can find some open source project to study made with Laravel?

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Laravel project using Models External

Laravel Project using External Models I need to use a structure in the Laravel Project where the Mod...

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Rayvat Rendering provides you the best quality 3D Rendering

Our aim is to provide you the best at the most affordable cost as Architectural Design Studio. Our t...

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Concerns Or Traits

i want to know when the directory contains traits should be named under namespace of Traits or Conce...

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18 Oct, 2017 at 07:54

JSON not possible with MSSQL running on Windows platform?

Hello! One of our clients is using a SaaS app which apparently uses Windows MS SQL running on Window...

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Export Data in Background

Hi all, I am currently working on exporting large amount of data from the app. I'd like to the task...

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Is there any benefit to specifying a class instead of a string in a model's relations?

Is there any benefit to the following 2 pieces of code in a model class? Which one should I adopt an...

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Is it possible possible to integrate the phalcon framework in Laravel framework

For for few modules which has heavy data I need to use the Phalcon framework. So if anybody knows ho...

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How to Deploy Laravel/Lumen microservices with a service per container pattern

When you build and API in Laravel, that uses queues and scheduled tasks, you need to execute diferen...

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How is Laravel different than CakePHP and CodeIgniter?

Hi, I am Pratik Joshi. You can see me here on Stackoverflow with 5711 reputation points (stackoverfl...

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3rd party API caching in PHP

We are building an application using Laravel. It is a very high traffic web application and we are u...

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Tutorial Hotel booking system with Laravel and AngularJS

Hello, i'm Andrea, the owner of I've recently posted a tutorial on how to create a...

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9 Sep, 2014 at 10:53

Laravel vs. Ruby on rails

I have been using Laravel as my development platform , recently I did some projects with Rails. The...

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Laravel vs Meteor JS

I used Laravel since v 3. But now i am try on Meteor JS. What do you think?

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