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Laravel Kubernetes deployment questions

I'm polishing Laravel Kubernetes deployment (I'm not the PHP dev,rather devops guy) and have some co...

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Laravel multiple views/localizations for different subdomain

Is there solution for multiple views for different subdomains? Also it should handle queuable action...

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Error laravel

I have laravel , but I have error my project using laravel folder: /vendor/phpunit/php-code-coverage...

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Laravel, Blade and VueJS

Hi to all. I'm trying to develop an application with Backend made with Laravel and frontend made wit...

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Backpack Achitecture

Does anyone have some advice or information about setting up the right structures in backpack, altho...

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Help to integrate CHARGEBEE library

Hello ! Im starting using LARAVEL last version 7.12 and Im newbie here with this framework and Im ha...

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building a website with laravel

Hello i'm used to work with laravel and vue js.But now i want to use just laravel for my new project...

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Laravel eloquent destroy redirects to the undefined.

Hi Everyone! I am struggling in solving the destroy issue for the past couple of days. It works well...

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Tool to manage mutliple deployments of Laravel app

I am developing Laravel app, which would be in the end sold to many different customers (SaaS). Sinc...

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Task Manager Web App

I am starting up a Task Manager application. I need some tips and guidelines.

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Laravel version 6 LTS vs. 7+ vs. Nova

I usually prefer LTS versions. Not least because of its productive use. So i would use Laravel 6 LTS...

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I will need to build an API for a big project. Need advice.

I've used PHP extensively over the 5 last years. I've also used Laravel for a few projects of mine....

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error package composer

[hello thank you for explaining if there is a solution, already try several things like composer upd...

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laraval migrate another migration , rather that the last one

Hi . I just create a migration to add a column to my "cvs" table , but when I run migrate...

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3D Architectural Rendering Services


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How to implement ElasticSearch DB in Laravel framework(PHP)

We have a one project implemented in Laravel framework(PHP) with Mysql database as backend. Now the...

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[Question]Regarding maintenance mode

Hello people, If we run "php artisan down", the task scheduler suddenly stopped? Or, it s...

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Laravel runInBackground Commands Kills Server

Okay. Here my problem. I have command which i setup to run in background every one minute to not ove...

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Inserting into two tables with single form

I have register form, in that form there is select form which decide if user is farmer or buyer. If...

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Convert dot notation string into an multidimensional array

Hello, i'm trying to get all the routes with an alias. Route::group(['as'=>'general.'], function(...

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