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Authenticated sessions vs session data

Is there a way to distinguish between an authenticated user session, and more transient session data...

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Password reset function

Hello all, I tried implementing my own version of the Laravel password reset functionality. The main...

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Undefined index: token

Hi, Have little problem. It is about password reset. Everything works fine until the point when I su...

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Different types of users

Hello everyone, I'm an absolute beginner to Laravel, and this is my first thread, so I hope I'm not...

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Senrty extends problem with config

I need to override some of the things, one of them - hasher I create new package: <?php namespac...

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Auth, query scopes and whereHas() do not work together

i have set up users and roles table with a pivot table and i need to check, if logged user has admin...

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Changing blades if user logged in

At the moment I have a header.blade.php, i am currently checking if the user is logged in to decide...

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Reminder email not being sent

Emails are working fine everywhere else. I set up the password reset according to the docs. Everyt...

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Basic routing question for get & posts to a controller

Hi, is there a better way to be doing this? I've got a bunch of sections within a user's profile tha...

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Basic http authentication

I know how to use Laravel's basic authentication and how to change the column name. Is there a way t...

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Authentication by Email OR UserName

if (Auth::attempt(array('email' => $email, 'password' => $password))) { return Redirect::inten...

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Problem with laravel authentication panel

Hello. I am new in laravel 4 framework. I was following steps of tutorial

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