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URL from Form (newbie)

Hi Guys/Gals, Have spent a fair amount time searching before asking and am quite stuck. Basically I...

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How to store 2 mobile number in single column

how store the multiple phone number for a specific user in single column table!

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I am trying to display my table filter result

I am trying to display table result, the data is appearing on the table, but when i filter, i get &q...

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Introducing my Bootstrap 4 form builder for Laravel 5.8+

Dear fellow developers, I created an open source package which automates and simplifies Bootstrap fo...

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Update is not working

The error I got : error pic: error # What I tried this is my table pic: table my form is like : <...

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Fetch & Show certain rows in a table on clicking a button

I'm pretty new when it comes to Laravel & I've been trying to code this mini-account management...

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Blade Select/ text works, how to build buttons with value?

I have a form which works as a filter and consist of select, text field and few buttons (1-10). Sele...

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Laravel form POST gives error - 419 "Sorry your session ha.

Hi, I have a Laravel web application in Laravel version 5.7.4 hosted on Godaddy Shared hosting. Its...

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drop down in form (using Laravel)

I have been working to build a laravel form and for the fields where text input is required I have s...

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Guzzle postAsync with api calls

I am using Guzzle 6 to update products to shopify via API. I am using async post method to upload pr...

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Current approach to Stripe Checkout for Onetime Payment?

I am trying to integrate stripe Checkout on my Laravel 5.3 website for some fairly basic purchase fu...

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post user_id from Auth through a form?

Hi, I have a form and would like to get the user_id out when submitted here is my store function: pu...

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Form with multiple select with ser assigned values

In my application there are Job Offers and Skills. The Offer and Skill models have a many to many re...

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Editing A drop-downlist

{!! Form::open(['action' => '[email protected]', 'method' => 'POST']) !!} <div class="...

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How to send Email from form to multiple email accounts

my Controller <?php namespace App\Http\Controllers; use App\Task; use Illuminate\Http\Request;...

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Problem with foreach and design of table

Hi, I have a problem with the cells in the table after foreach loop. He does not want to sort me the...

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How can I binding collection of model in laravel Blade

Hi all I have a view that I passed a collection of objects by route, I use laravel-datatable and fil...

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Make auth with another table except from default users

auth.php 'guards' => [ 'web' => [ 'driver' => 'session', '...

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How to send verification email to non registered user?

Hi. fairly new to Laravel and in need of some coaching. Don't really know where to begin. I am hopin...

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Return To View Afer Post Request

Hi to you all, I have a form which after it submits on a different view and return to another view l...

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