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How to validate multiple check box and select.

I am learning laravel. I want to validate a form. There have two checkbox, every part of checkbox ha...

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Custom fields Laravel Nova

Hello guys, I have a problem with my project Laravel Nova, I have two fields, (field1, field2), and...

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HTML-Form getting opened with App

I have a strange problem with a custom webshop coded with Laravel 5.7. A few customers have a probl...

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Laravel form POST gives error - 419 "Sorry your session ha.

Hi, I have a Laravel web application in Laravel version 5.7.4 hosted on Godaddy Shared hosting. Its...

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drop down in form (using Laravel)

I have been working to build a laravel form and for the fields where text input is required I have s...

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Laravel 6.x: can not display the image file

I successfully uploaded file in storage : here is rhe storage image: Storage pic I tried to setup p...

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post user_id from Auth through a form?

Hi, I have a form and would like to get the user_id out when submitted here is my store function: pu...

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How to get the error description on file upload

UploadedFile {#576 ▼ -test: false -originalName: "rid_full.xlsx" -mimeType: "applicat...

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Editing A drop-downlist

{!! Form::open(['action' => 'LeaveController@update', 'method' => 'POST']) !!} <div class="...

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laravel mysql

as we know we can't trust user input and insert it directly to database so how can I make a prepare...

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problem with laravel and blade at the time of conditional ve

the problem is that at the time of doing the data verification it gives error controller public func...

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Checking if data exists in child of a parent before creating

Am new to laravel (total greenhorn), it would be awesome if anyone can help me with this. I have a m...

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Multilanguage upload in database from admin on the server

Hello. I have a problem with insert services in the database. I have a project with 3 languages: Rom...

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Can't populate dropdown menu with associated array.

Full Array Array ( [0] => Array ( [id] => 1 [label] => Home [li...

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403 Forbidden You don't have permission to access

I am getting this error on the hosting server. All ajax request are failing with 403 Forbidden error...

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404 after posting a form in create page.

I am trying to create a student's attendance. I have as students, klasses, attendances controllers;...

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this is the application for the dialer for horizon technologies with backed and front end implementa...

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SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1048 Column

I Have a problem when im trying to insert data inside my DB If the input field are not required, i c...

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$request->file() empty (Laravel 5.7.24)

Hello. I try to make a simple upload form. Problem is $request->file() is always empty and i don'...

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store form input data to json file

I want to store form data in a json file located in storage/app/data.json with this controller class...

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