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Nested relation doesn't work

Hi, I'm new in laravel, and I encounter problem when get relation data through 3 tables.. I had seve...

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Validate two fields with the same validation rule

Hello everyone. Is it possible in Laravel to apply the same validation rule to multiple fields? For...

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Include js files in the project

I have added in my public folder one folder called js and inside a script.js. In the view: <scrip...

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Get 403 Error In Deploy Project in Sharedhost (cpanel)

i'vd created project-name folder in public_html and placed public's content into it and create anoth...

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Laravel-mix missing dependencies

I'm trying to update Laravel from 5.3 to 5.4, but I get errors when compiling frontend assets. After...

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Form::text with value '@{{}}' fails (L5.3 Nginx)

Hi Guys! In my blade I wanted to use some Handlebar variable like this: {{ Form::text('name', '@{{pe...

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Custom View path with wildcard

I'm wanting to modularize the app I'm building in Laravel so I've created the app/Modules directory....

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posted 5 years ago

Changing email subject

Hi i send an email using this code: public function build() { return $this->from('[email protected]

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posted 5 years ago

UK based Laravel hosting on a budget

I have completed my first laravel 5.4 project!! I would like to now get it up to production environm...

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Laravel & Vue Workflow

Hello! I'm kinda interested in using Vue in a large-scale application, it have a lot of pages and st...

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Installing Laravel

I have attempted to install laravel for the last 8-9 days unsuccessfully. I can get composer install...

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automtcly add the picture in <img> element when upload it by laravel

using axios with vuejs and laravel i can upload the picture to the storage folder but i want to be d...

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DB::connection()->statement Fails when using bindings.

I am currently trying to dynamically create a database with a user provided string. I can get the d...

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Not your usual TokenMismatchException

Hey guys. I've got a real squeeker for ya. Been working on this "bug" for hours now, and u...

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BroadcastController issues with Laravel 5.4

Hello together, I currenty try to implement broadcasting with Pusher and Echo. It is working with pu...

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Showing loading animation during file uploading with Bootstrap

Hi. I am uploading a file and after the upload,in the controller, there is some manipulation of the...

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Unique database for two applications

I am building two applications that are using the same database,one is a RESTful service and the oth...

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LWAP (Laravel website as package) - Guide

Hi Guys, I created my own video series along with accompanying github sourcecode for a strategy to d...

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Undefined offset error

Hi I have to say that I'm fairly new to Web Developement, PHP and Laravel (Basic HTML etc. is no pro...

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What's the best way to tackle this task?

So I am creating a project that will allow my users to send a booking confirmation, booking reminder...

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