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issue with vite-laravel in build (production mode)

hi, i have an issue with vite (laravel). if i run 'npm run build' every assets file would be compile...

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posted 2 days ago

Laravel Postgres local peer authentication

Hi, i am new to laravel and just trying my first project. Right now I'm trying to connect my Postgre...

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API for Creating the address of USDT TRC20 for exchange

is there any API for generating the address for USDT TRC20 exchange from EURO i have used this :- co...

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Sleep mysql connections on horizon:work redis

Laravel Version 9.52.4 PHP Version 8.2.4 Database Driver & Version MySQL 8.0.31 Description On h...

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posted 1 week ago

Data unserialize Errorphp


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Which is good, lightweight and easy layout for Laravel

I am using Laravel from past 2 months. I learned many concepts from Laravel, but I am confusing that...

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Can any one help me with this laravel mix sass errorlaralara

61 │ @return mix($background, $color, $weight); │ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ╵ re...

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Attempt to assign property "M_Name" on null

Attempt to assign property "M_Name" on null! How do I fix it?

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CURL request in Laravel not returning response

I'm a novice of Laravel. I'm trying to make a CURL request to another endpoint in my Laravel applica...

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How to Export large amount of data around 15 lacks in excel

Hello, I am exporting data with a total record of 15 lacks. It takes about 28-30 minutes. I want to...

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Laravel: How to run schedule for multiple machines?

I have multiple finger machines. I want to run multiple schedules at the same time for multiple fing...

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How can I add a theme piker to this Laravel 8 blogging app?

I am working on a blogging application in Laravel 8. The application supports themes. In a nutshell,...

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How to customize tables's rows with different Id in livewire

I'm building a stock management system. At the product list I use tables. And now instead of showing...

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posted 1 month ago

Call to undefined method App\Models\Inventory::links()

As a beginner in Laravel, I'm currently following a tutorial on YouTube to create an inventory manag...

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How do I get the replies for each comment?

I have made a blogging application in Laravel 8. I am working on the functionality of adding comment...

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Query Builder Sql timeout

Hi, I have one big problem with query. I have a SQL that extracts approximately 20 records from a DB...

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posted 1 month ago

Error to create Laravel ER diagram to Migration SQL database

public function up() { Schema::create('payments', function (Blueprint $table) {...

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about gst

how to add SGST..CGST..IGST in my e-commerce website with javascript in cart page and checkout page....

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laravel redirection after authentification

Why the redirection in this controller method is not working, note : i am using laravel with inertia...

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Need to define condition if/else via model

If we use basic select like: Products::paginate(6); it return us:-> [ id: 1, product name: 'test'...

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