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posted 5 hours ago

Add a <br /> after the <<Previous Next>>

Add a <br /> after the <<Previous Next>> in the database list display. I have this...

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Laravel Shows White Page

Once installed react in Laravel and executed npm run dev Laravel shows white page. The console show...

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posted 1 day ago

laravel collection groupby filter

I have a collection and group it by OrderNumber: ` $orders = collect([ ['id' => 33, 'OrderNumber...

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problem parsing .env filela

Laravel Version: 9.30.1 PHP Version: 8.1.10 Database Driver & Version: MariaDB 10 php artisan pa...

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can we get same structure using relation

Hi , Can i get the data in same structure using the relation for ex:: I have to tables One is User a...

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How to get the export button using controller?

I want to export the data from the Datatables to excel or CSV files. I have been searching for more...

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I changed my laravel version from 5.8 to 7.29la

Argument 1 passed to Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\InputBag::get() must be of the type string, nu...

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posted 1 month ago


Can help me to guide how to create realtime chat with laravel

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Model stop performing queries

It's been a couple of months that I am experiencing a weird behaviour on my laravel project. Randoml...

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posted 1 month ago

How to use highlig.js with Livewire Markdown editors?

I want to use highlight.js for code highlighting in my blog project. how can i add this with my mark...

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Laravel Controller

Can someone help me verify a request via controller? I don't know how to do this. public function ve...

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VueQuill Editor is not submitting name

Hi Anyone, knows how I am able to submit name "short_description" to Laravel request? VueQ...

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Bootstrap modal is dimmed ... why?

hi friends, if bootstrap modal is showing, it is dimmed (and without buttons and components availabi...

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Get data from all tables from 1 table only with Relation

I want to do relation in laravel with this database, what I wanted to happen is I can access all the...

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Many to many nested models

Good day. I need help with nested models where all of them have many to many relationships. The ide...

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posted 1 month ago

Call to undefined method App\Models\Post::where()

I want to ask if anyone understands where the error above lies??

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Passing current user from blade.php to vue component is null

Hi, I am passing current user to a vue component from a blade file. In some vue components I am havi...

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Conditional Validation with dependency to other fields

I am trying to validate import data using Laravel Excel. I got through to using required_if when a f...

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posted 1 month ago

How do I prepare the inertia app for production?

Hello guys, today I launched my laravel inertia blog app on Digital Ocean. One thing, I need to know...

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posted 1 month ago

Laravel GraphQL -Rebing-graphQL-LaravelGrag

Hello guys, I use the package Rebing/graphQL-laravel for my api however I would like to make a mutat...

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