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Laravel 8 relationship three models belongs to Parent model

Hello everyone I'm currently working on a laravel project where I have a parent table that has the i...

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process.env.MIX_ONBOARDING_URL variable is undefined

Laravel Mix Version: 6.0.31 (npm list --depth=0) Node Version (node -v): 14.15.5 NPM Version (npm -...

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Why I am getting wrong URI?

I am currently on I have a link that has to route me to http://127.0.0....

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Laravel Homestead is not working with Mac M1

I tried using Virtual Box and Parrels. I both cases I am getting errors when the vagrant up command...

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21 Sep, 2021 at 03:51

When to use Helper and Service? Laravel 8

Hello, the following question arose, when to use a Helper and a Service? I did a course in udemy whe...

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20 Sep, 2021 at 11:43

Progress bar in view

I want to show progress bar in view, as I am import it directly through maatwebsite method of import...

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Laravel Nova Image Collection upload error

I've inherited an Expo app with a Laravel backend, and I'm having trouble allowing images to be uplo...

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Combination laravelCollective with choices.js and alpine.js

Hello friends I have a problem with laravelCollective using choices.js and alpine.js I want to build...

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laravel jetstream and original laravel

this thread is basically a discussion for my curiousity. if i wanted to develop a simple CMS website...

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10 Sep, 2021 at 11:04

Online to Offline data sync laravel

I am working on a POS terminal that I have created online but I want it to also work when the intern...

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Laravel Cashier for Laravel 6

When I am trying to install laravel cashier via composer composer require laravel/cashier I am getti...

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How can i show auto calculated field in a view?

Hi i have in my database a table with the following fields: $table->decimal('sale_price')...

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5 Sep, 2021 at 07:10

Will the old cache data be deleted automatically?

Hello. I refer to this URL ( to cache the data in fi...

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Create Json API with Auth using Laravel Sanctum

I am trying to create an API for getting all posts and creating a post. But the route can only be as...

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How to correctly make redirectTo by role on Laravel 8?

Hello everyone, I can't find the answer on the Internet, how to implement Redirect by roles? I have...

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How to convert a blade view to pdf

Hi, everyone, I am new to Laravel, I want to generate a pdf from a view that is generated run time....

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28 Aug, 2021 at 11:17

Create Reports jasper in Laravel

This package is the solution to make reports in laravel based on JasperReports.

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add email verification manually to register login system

im create system register login manually not using a starter kit with laravel 8. and then i try to a...

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Laravel 8 at iOS: session lost and cannot restore back

Simple Laravel code & markup chain: // Initial route public function play(Request $request) {...

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Steps for running Laravel Framework Database Tests

Hi, We are looking to build support for YugabyteDB in Laravel. I'm new to the Laravel community and...

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