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Hello, may I ask if anyone here already tried using laraOCR package? Can you provide a step-by-step...

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File upload (docx, pdfs, jpeg.. Etc) with the use of vform

Hi, I am having trouble on my document form with file upload and im using the vform npm package for...

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Laravel eCommerce Multi-tenant SaaS Module

We are proud to announce the release of Laravel eCommerce Multi-tenant SaaS Module. A complete SaaS-...

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SQS-FIFO worker hangs

I'm running a worker that processes a sqs-fifo queue and it hangs between jobs (see the times): [201...

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New Laravel package : Larapush

Dear all, Just to let you know I've announced a new Laravel package called Larapush. This package wi...

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How to implement google ad-sense with laravel application?

I am trying to develop an application where user will be able to upload and share video. And on the...

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Thoughts on my first composer package for Laravel

Hi Guys, As this is my first (public) composer package for Laravel I thought I'd put my balls on the...

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Route::getRoutes() returns only package routes

I am trying to fetch all routes in Laravel package using \Illuminate\Support\Facades\Route::getRoute...

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Best E-Commerce Plugin For laravel

Hello everyone. I am trying to develop an e-commerce project for my personal online shop. Where I ne...

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How to store video from url to local/S3 storage ?

I want to develop an application that lets user upload video from their device or they can just prov...

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posted 4 years ago

Laravel E-Commerce with Aimeos 2019.04

Hi there The new stable 2019.04 release of the Aimeos e-commerce framework is available. It focuses...

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How can I make a forum like this in Laravel?

Please help me. I have tthe auth system, the dashboard and more pages, but i need a forum. Please he...

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how to create my own button with crudbooster in Laravel?

I have a button called "Buat SPT". I just want this button call my controller called Admin...

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Laravel API development extension

weiwenhao/tree-ql tree-ql is a laravel extension that builds a highly descriptive, readable, high-pe...

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Please help to install Forms & HTML package

Dear freinds! I try to install Forms & HTML package Server Software CentOS release 6.10 (Final)...

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package for manage user/person details

Hi all, I'm new here, I created a package (currently empty) because I would like to manage extra dat...

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Multiple Laravel Echo Instances -Different Pusher App Keys

window.alpha = new Echo({ broadcaster: 'alpha_pusher', key: 'alpha-pusher-key' }); window.beta...

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How to properly use Controller Middleware?

I am using Spatie/laravel-permissions package for roles & permissions. I have 3 roles namely &qu...

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Help updating laravel-ifx to work with Laravel 5.7

Hello, I'm trying to use Laravel with old system we have, and the DB for this system is Informiox. w...

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Uncaught Error: Class Illuminate\Filesystem\Filesystem

Hi, I install Laravel 5.7 on my server it is throwing error Uncaught Error: Class 'Illuminate\Filesy...

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