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Why should we use Composer? Does it matter if we don't?

Perhaps this question relates to some but not all packages. Sorry its a bit long. So many package in...

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Laravel Asset managment

Hi , I want to use any Asset managment for my laravel 4.0 app . previously i have used codeselve ass...

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posted 9 years ago

Packages for generating & display user activity feeds?

In the past I've done this on my own but I'm wondering if anyone knows of an open-source package to...

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Fetching data from Flickr not working

Hello, I am using this library - to get data from Flickr. B...

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Havve Any Idea to make automatically or dynamically routes laravel 4?

i have some problem to make routes in laravel, i have a package then i call from routes it is work f...

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Minify your HTML

Laravel HTML Minify This package compresses the HTML output from your Laravel application, seamlessl...

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LESS support in Laravel

I've been looking around a little bit on this topic and I've found quite a few bundles and so forth,...

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How to install ext-gmp?

I get the following message when upgrading one of my L4.0 projects to 4.1 phpseclib/phpseclib sugges...

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[Package] Laravel HttpCache

HttpCache for Laravel 4.1: Laravel 4.1 can easily use...

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Doctor Channeling System

Hi, So we have a new project that will be used by multiple hospitals to have web-based doctor channe...

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Is Laravel right for me?

I am working on a personal project which I hope I can make into a full fledge app everyone can use....

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Add Psr4 Autoloader at runtime

I am in a position where I need to add PSR-4 Prefixes to the autoloader at runtime, without using th...

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What Is Laravel Throttle? Laravel Throttle is a rate limiter for Laravel 4.1. Laravel Throttle was...

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What Is Laravel Binput? Laravel Binput is an input protector for Laravel 4.1. Laravel Binput was cr...

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What Is Laravel Security? Laravel Security is a port of the security class from Codeigniter 2.1 for...

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What Is Laravel Flysystem? Laravel Flysystem is a Flysystem bridge for Laravel 4.1. Laravel Flysyst...

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What Is Laravel Markdown? Laravel Markdown is a simple PHP Markdown Next wrapper for Laravel 4.1. L...

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What Is Laravel HTMLMin? Laravel HTMLMin is a simple HTML minifier for Laravel 4.1. Laravel HTMLMin...

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Best architecture for multiple applications

Hi , I was searching for an alternative framework CodeIgniter framework and found Laravel and that s...

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posted 9 years ago

[Package] Presenter

Simple presenter to wrap and render objects. Designed to work with Laravel, but will also work as a...

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