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specifying table in model is not working

Hi, i tried to set table in User model like this 'protected $table = 'users_account'; ' but its...

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Two Auth filters

Hello I'm developing an application which have user area and admin area. I already created user area...

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Authenticating with Sentry 2 (2.1.*) not working.

Hello guys. I am unable to get Sentry to authenticate a user. It currently finds the user but can't...

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Auth attempt always return false

Hi Guys, I'm having some headache trying to solve this problem. In my table seeder, I create this us...

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Controlling and managing access levels to all routes

I am in the planning stage of an app that will require fine control of permissions. What I mean is,...

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Account lockout and multiple concurrent login protection

I come from a security testing background and am building a webapp based on Laravel 4. I'm looking i...

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Length of Data After Encryption

Hi, I want to use the laravel's encypt fucntion to encrypt my password field so for that i need to...

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Create unique alphanumeric random string in "id" column

Hi, I want to have my id columns of all my tables with unique alphanumeric string instead of the usu...

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Check if password is correct

Hello, once the user is logged in at my application i want to give him the possibility to change his...

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Unhashing the password

Hi all, I am a new user to laravel. In my website,i am hashing the password and saving them in db ,n...

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git and database.php

Hi there, I have my laravel project in git... and I do not want to commit my passwords to repo... so...

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Encrypted cookies

I've upgraded Laravel from 4.0 to 4.1. My application sets Cookies, which I also use in javascript....

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default permissions

Hi there , can anybody post here ls -la from the laraven clean project installation? I installed it...

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How to protect/encrypt Laravel project with free open source?

I want to protect/encrypt Laravel project source code. Pl help me

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how to show custome error pages, 400, 404, 500

how to show custome error pages, 400, 404, 500 read the docs but still couldn't get the hang of it.....

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web application to php archive (phar file)

i want to deploy my application to the server . some times i can not access the server with the ssh...

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Allow user to manage ONLY their own items

Hello, I am new to Laravel and have a small issue... I have an app set up with a front-end [for list...

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Sign in for one time to different projects using laravel

I am using laravel 4 framework in web development of my projects. I have 5 applications that should...

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posted 9 years ago

Assigning a new role - Entrust

As part of my 'approval' process, I want the admin to allocate users different roles, on demand. I w...

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Shopping Cart ID -> where to save for later?

I have a shopping cart ID that I'd like to save somewhere to pick up the cart later when the user co...

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