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Session hijacking issue in laravel session domain

I am getting session cookies domain error while running the enlighten package. Check 92/126: Horizon...

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Trouble with openssl_cipher_iv_length()

I'm running on Lubuntu 22.04 and PHP 8.1. When I first start up my server, with 'php artisan serve...

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HSTS on canonical domain only

Hello. How might one go about configuring a Strict Transport Policy on canonical (non-www) domain on...

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rename XSRF-TOKEN cookie

I would like to have a unique xsrf-token cookie for my environments like app_env:xsrf-token. Is the...

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Create Waf with Laravel

Hello, I have a project to develop and as I am newby in this area I have some generic questions. I h...

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Sanctum SPA cookie based auth, protecting a guest route

Hi, I am developing a SPA with Laravel and Vue and using Sanctum cookie based authentication for the...

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Problem on Angular And Laravel API - CORS policy

Hello, First of all sorry for my English. I am in the process of creating a CRM with laravel and ang...

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Laravel Fortify and Livewire

Hi gurus, Anyone here has a plan to create a tutorial on how to use Fortify and Livewire together? L...

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Securing Laravel Sanctum Tokens

Hello, I am creating my first web app. I created 2 projects for the application using Vue.JS on fron...

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Looking for best way to autoload observers from my package

Hello! crap, title with lenght restriction. full question is "Looking for best way to autoload...

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Accessing client credentials API method in built in Vue app

Hi, I'm using Laravel for my Rest API with the built in vue SPA for the direct web client. I have so...

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Laravel Passport access token verify with user IP

I am trying to customise your code to bind access token with specific IP and allow to respond if a r...

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Laravel graphql passeto example

Hi everyone, I am looking for a paseto example with Graphql(Lighthouse Laravel) or how to create pas...

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Laravel/Passport scope issue

Hi Laravel IO developers. I'm facing an issue with Laravel/Passport scopes. An error occurs when i u...

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Vue SPA with Laravel 6 Passport

Background: The only experience I have with authentication are normal form-based logins, the typical...

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Laravel Vapor Open Source

Hello, I recently started using Laravel Vapor to deploy my application. I would like to put my proje...

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user session sharing

Hello all, I have two apps made with 2 separate Laravels. Can I share the user sessions? If I login...

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how to assign permission to storage directory in my laravel

I created a video player project in laravel. the video will play from only authenticated users. usin...

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posted 3 years ago

how to hidden information laravel tech

i can try tutorials,but doesnt work for me

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Questions about ACL with bouncer

I am trying to implement ACL that includes Roles, Permissions and Users, using Laravel and Bouncer....

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