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eror placing external javascript, ... is not function

cannot load javascript . i want to use select2 and use external javascript. but, that javascript can...

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Laravel 6 - Change routing url

Hi. Im fairly new to Laravel, running version 6 atm. I have made a working feature that any register...

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[solved] @yield does not display information

Good afternoon, I am starting to study laravel and have a doubt. I don't understand why @yield doesn...

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Display the value without using the foreach

Hi there, I noticed in my codes that I can only display the value using foreach. public function com...

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how to use ServiceProvider boot function? Laravel 6.0

I used two classes here they are : Schema::defaultStringLength(150); View::share('channels',Channel:...

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barryvdh/laravel-dompdf page-break-after goes php timeout

Hi, I will save html as PDF , so I use barryvdh/laravel-dompdf package. when I style a <div> w...

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I am trying to display my table filter result

I am trying to display table result, the data is appearing on the table, but when i filter, i get &q...

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Design color explanation Template

Hello, I have download a template from

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Display data from one or multiple category on Laravel CMS

I`m trying to display data on a blog page side but instead to fetch all the posts in all categories,...

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Render tournament bracket for next round

Hi there, I would like to ask ideas on approaches on how to render tournament bracket for next round...

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Form with multiple select with ser assigned values

In my application there are Job Offers and Skills. The Offer and Skill models have a many to many re...

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The requested URL was not found on this server

Good day. I had a working laravel app on the server. After editing my .htaccess file not to display...

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i cannot load my translation file to my view, and even if i do i get a no class error.Please help

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posted 3 years ago

Gui Builder

Hi everyone, I'm new to Laravel and I'm inspecting the available solutions for fast building GUI vie...

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Convert dot notation string into an multidimensional array

Hello, i'm trying to get all the routes with an alias. Route::group(['as'=>'general.'], function(...

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Populating a column from database into select2 via jquery

I'm trying to populate tags from the database into a select2 field. The data is returned in the insp...

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How to make real-time dashboard

I am trying to make a dashboard to listen iot device status in Laravel. Front-end uses Vue.js to tri...

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Make a Full Screen Template

Hello, i need a full screen page like press F11. I need display a Slideshow with HighCharts Graphs....

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How to migrate classic php (top-down/no OO) site to Laravel

Hi everyone, newbie here. I am trying to migrate one of my old sites to Laravel so that I have acces...

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Want to fetch data by applying filters.

hello, i am developing a job website for my client. On the all jobs page there are some salary,exper...

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