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Render view from other path in laravel 5.7

i'm building a modular system in Laravel 5 and the modules views of my system are outside from the /...

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Return specific value of array in blade file

I am facing problem in laravel I have this data in array and want to show the data specifically with...

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@extend and @section not working for new created views

@extends('layouts.master_layout') @section('master_dashboard_content') <h1>hello World</h1&...

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Proper configuration for bootstrap 4 in views, Laravel 5.7

Unable to render bootstrap 4 in views files using dependencies in head section of html. <link hre...

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posted 4 years ago

Which is the default language file?

Hi again! I am looking for the default language message file. __('this text') Where shall I put the...

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Laravel page load after redirect takes forever

does anyone has an idea, why Laravel takes so long to load a page after a redirect? The page loaded...

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Remove html tags white spaces

Hello, I don't know if anybody else asked in the past, please link to thread if so, could somebody r...

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Get related posts based on post category

Hi. I'm getting my posts like this... public function show($slug) { $post = Post::where(...

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[Help needed] Laravel serving Angular

I'm trying to develop an Angular app with Laravel as a RESTful API, however I struggle to combine th...

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write blade on the fly

have need to write custom dynamic blade on the fly, then return the view... these are custom html do...

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@lang in blade template don't working? Why?

I had clear cache config in my project. When I turn on localhost, my page show: Here, I have a blad...

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Use multiple view folders in Laravel 5.6

I want to use multiple view folders and want to configure that inside config/view.php. I need to che...

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Help Distribution of Items

Good Morning They could help me, I'm new to laravel but I'm having the following problem. I have a t...

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Getting error in Laravel 5.7 edit route page not found

Laravel Version 5.7 , PHP version 7+ I created a resource controller -> CategoryController [havin...

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Help on many to many relation to create form aproach

Hi, I have two tables (hotels, cars) and a many to many relationship to determine which cars ara ava...

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Do I have to "npm run dev" after each update in the vue js?

Hello, I have set up spark and now I want to work with my custom vue component. I'm using the /resou...

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Wierd /View issue

So i got a Model called \App\Offerte I got a relation that is called public function werkbonnen() {...

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Laravel Voyager Query for List Result

Hi, i want to make a query for laravel voyager bread-list result. How i can do this in the model? Th...

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How to get mysql connection (thread) id using Larvavel 5.6?

How to get MySql connection id when user login into your web/system? In MySQL you can directly query...

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Pay Minimal Amount For Technical Support| Dial Bigpond Email

If you going to solve complex issues of Bigpond account, then our tech team will never disappoint yo...

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