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Survey Design

I am looking to create a dynamic form survey using a database with questions, answers, and associati...

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Eloquent hasOne Relationship, MSSQL good, but returning null

Using a MSSQL DB, I have a relationship set up between Vm hasOne to Vmconfig Vm <?php class Vm...

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Section on testing

Testing is a pretty huge topic, it might be nice to have it's own dedicated section in the forum for...

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We need a "Closed" option

Hey guys, We need a "closed thread" option so people can see that this issue is fixed :)!...

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Call to undefined method error while getting the data

these are my relations.. User model public function posts() { return $this->hasMany('Post'...

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Missing download link for podcasts on mobile

New podcasts page is missing "Download this MP3" link in mobile browser (Firefox on Androi...

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Post request with Media temple

Hello, I'm new to the world of Laravel my first app is running ok locally through mamp when i'm tryi...

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datetime or timestamp for created_at and updated_at ?

Hello. When updating data in my MySQL-Database, the updated_at column does not update its time. I am...

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[ user temporarily banned for post content ]

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Best Practice for Multi-Page Forms???

I have done some research and am still not able to find any examples or best practices on persisting...

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Extending a view seems reversed to me?

common.front_initial.blade view <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.1//EN" "http://www.w3....

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Many to Many Relationship problem

So i have problem about many to many relationship implementation in laravel I have two model, User a...

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Hitting a route without refreshing session?

I have an ajax function that polls every 5s to see if a user's session has expired and will redirect...

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machuga, ShawnMcCool, daylerees biased to me

These people kick me when they see me in the IRC room. I can understand when it makes ShawnMcCool he...

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How to save XML response output to file for uploading with SSH::into()?

In my controller I have the following with $registration_data coming from the database and the xml.i...

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Eloquent ORM relationship array trouble

Hello, I'm stuck with this problem. I have these databases: -users with id, first_name et cetera......

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Fortrabbit issue with angular post

Hi, I have just uploaded my Laravel backend and Angularjs front to Fortrabbit and I am having issues...

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Frontend / backend authentication

Hi all, I'm developing an application consisting of frontend and backend part. I want to have the tw...

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problem in accessing value from parentmost table.

I've four tables.User,Post,Reply and Confirm tables. And the relation is User has many posts posts...

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Assigning Variable to URL

Route::get('/p/{id}/{name?}', array( 'as' => 'viewItem', 'uses' => '[email protected]

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