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posted 3 weeks ago

Cant download laragon or access

I am facing difficulty to download laragon. is down

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posted 2 weeks ago

Looking For Contributors to Open Source Twitch-Like Project

I started an open-source twitch-like esports platform called Glitch. The backend is in Laravel and t...

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While working on a new office project about how to handle traffic light issues in smaller cities, I...

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created_at, updated_at and deleted_at type fields do not res

Laravel Version: ^9.27 PHP Version: 8.1 Database Driver & Version: Postgresql 14.X Description...

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Laravel OAuth Login Session Not Being Saved On Redirect

I'm writing open source twitch-like esports platform called Glitch, repo is here, and I am have prob...

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Laravel will share sessions to all subdomains?

I currently have an application running Laravel as an API and a SPA app as the frontend, they reside...

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Failed mail job to failed jobs

Hi, I'm using queued mails, and I would like to move the mail job to failed jobs table when an error...

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posted 3 weeks ago

How To Deploy Cron Job to EBS To Run Laravel Job

I am writing an open source esports Twitch like project and I am having a problem trying to deploy w...

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HasOneThrough() Relationship Issue

I am having an issue with my hasOneThrough() relationship. When trying to eager load the relationshi...

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posted 6 months ago

Why Laravel is must learn in 2022?

What does the future of Laravel development look like?

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posted 1 month ago

Session destroy

can i destroy session on browser tab close, not browser close?

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Call to a member function getClientOriginalName() on arrayla

public function update(Request $request, $id) { $siapakami = Weboption::findOrFail($id);...

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Compare data from two tables with the same fields but from t

Hi all! I want to compare data from two tables with the same fields but from two different databases...

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posted 3 weeks ago

Base table or view not found: 1146 Table

I want to create invoice application and the ERD for this application shown below : 1.) Customer tab...

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posted 4 months ago

how to install laravel nova on subdomain

Getting issue with Laravelnova nova on subdomain not able to login in the panel.

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Access to Codat API

How do i get access to the laravel-codat api?

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Laravel Mailgun

I'm trying to use mailgun in laravel 9 but I always get this error: Symfony\Component\Mailer\Excepti...

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who is more advisable laravel lumin or laravel for build microservices ?mic

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WhereHas and has is not working with multiple database

config Laravel Version: 9.35.1 PHP Version: 8.0.3 Database Driver & Version: Mysql 5.7.12 issue...

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posted 1 month ago

Using Laravel Sail on an existing laravel application

Sail Version: 1.16.2 Laravel Version: 9.37 PHP Version: 8.1 Host operating system: macOS 12.3 Desc...

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