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How to get token model when authenticating with invalid toke

How can I get the token model in the middleware if the token is invalid? Can this be done without ad...

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looking for docker with vuejs and laravel latest

hey I tried earlier to set up laravel with oracle automated database in the cloud but it did not wor...

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invalid argument suppiled foreach() laravel

hello, i recently started working with laravel and i'm facing a problem: I'm getting data from the a...

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Laravel Sanctum Unauthenticated problem when i send user req

So i'm using laravel sanctum and i want to do the Rest api, i have a problem in postman when i try t...

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posted 1 year ago

CSRF mismatch on some domains

I have build a web api using Laravel 7 and I have a weird problem. I get an CSRF mismatch error whil...

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What causes the data validation failure in this API?

I am working on an application consisting of a Laravel 8 API and a Vue 3 front-end. I have a registr...

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Add Certificate and Key file to call API

Hi, How can i add cert and key file in laravel api client ? I am trying to call the external API and...

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how to retrieve data with eloquent relation in laravel 8 api

i tried to create an api with laravel 8,when i try to retrieve data with eloquent relation it's gett...

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how to integrate Trackingmore API in laravel

Hello , i'm wondering how i can add trackingmore api in my laravel project in order to track parcels...

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Laravel Sanctum Api Tokens With Vue Header Error

I'm trying to authenticate my api route with sanctum while using vue.js but I'm getting a headers er...

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how to implement dynamic filters associated with models

I've a lots of models like User, Order, .... I want to write dynamic filter associated with request...

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FIQL/RQL parser for Eloquent models

Hello, I need to run queries to my eloquent models using some parser using FIQL or RQL syntax. Can s...

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CRUD registers all data in the table as NULL.php

I'm developing a CRUD with laravel sanctum, but in validation some of the fields need to accept NULL...

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API related to live casino and casino games

Anyone can help me for searching an API for Live casino and casino games. That API I will integrate...

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POST request for Laravel API ver.7 not working on webhosting

hi friends, I have created Laravel (ver.7) app for REST API: in "api.php" is defined route...

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[Laravel 6.20] - Issue trying to assert Response structur

Laravel Version: 6.20.30 PHP Version: 7.2.8 Database Driver & Version: Mysql 5.7 Description:...

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Method is not supported on HTTP Test API

I'am trying to test my login API with TestCase. The dump of response of PHPunit is: R{#1553 +"t...

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Wrong user data with laravel sanctum

When I login by API and create token for user returning data are correct, but when I use that token...

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Share authorization

I have 2 projects that use the same database, one is in laravel 7.5 where I am doing my authenticati...

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posted 2 years ago

Account metrics

I am new to laravel, I want to create metrics for my meta trader 4 account and display it on my webs...

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