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Am I missing contracts here?

I have just upgraded my project from 5.6 to 5.7 according to the guidelines in the official document...

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Laravel 5.2 - Passport

Hi, I have been working on laravel 5.2 from last 3 years on one of my stable product. I found it qui...

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Can anyone help take Laravel JWT seriously

I'd try to tackle this myself, but I have zero bandwidth. JWT is standardized for many reasons and i...

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Hi everyone, I am a newbie when it comes to Laravel and Lumen. I am looking into building an API gat...

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Is it safe to protect AJAX Routes with Auth middleware?

Hello, I'm sorry if this is redundant or not the place to ask, I don't consider myself a good code w...

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Encrypt With Laravel and Decrypt with JS.

I am successfully being able to encrypt a string in Laravel Web Services. But when I get the encrypt...

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Disable registration for new users

Hello, I am making a single user project using #laravel, Single user = the only administrator with f...

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Laravel 5 - Change password for logged in users

I already using password reset function for guest users. is there any interface to change password o...

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The requested URL /login was not found on this server (.htaccess problem)

So, i am having this weird problem, which i tried to rectify via net searches, but nothing has worke...

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auth::attempt dont work!!

Hi I write a usercontroller with a function as doLogin that first check rules with validation and a...

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Local Mail Server

Hi, Hope someone can help me because I'm stuck for about a week now. I'm developing a Laravel app a...

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Is this class safe use it for authentication?

Hi everyone, im new in laravel. I know that there is a built in auth system but just because a train...

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Is this safe? An alternative to gates and policies

So like many others i’m trying to build a Laravel Crud app, but I’ve got the problem that users can...

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File upload extension dangerous issue

Hello, my app uses laravel 4.2 and allows jpg,png,jpeg uploads however if a user uploads a file name...

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How to remove CoinHive malware from Laravel

Hi, I'm seeing this script injected all over my site. Looking at the contents, it looks like the cry...

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Bad redirect to two different administrations after login

Hello everyone. For the beginning, in my project there are 2 types of user interfaces, for users and...

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TokenMismatchException error with PHPUnit after upgrade

I just upgrade from Laravel 5.3 to 5.4 then I move to 5.5. After that, I wrote this test: /** @t...

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preventing one role from accessing the property of the other

I have an inventory app that has three different roles, namely operator, admin, and super admin. the...

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Add pin password to built in authentication

I'm writing my first application with Laravel (v 5.5) and it's days I'm trying to figure out how I c...

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[5.4] How to setup Laravel to use https?

On the server where I host my projects it is possible to activate Let's Encrypt from the control pan...

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