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Laravel Sparks Stripe Customization

I am Using Laravel Sparks For Recurring Payment in Stripe. Laravel Spark Create New Customer in stri...

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posted 1 year ago

Laravel Spark login from python

I'm using the new Laravel Spark (not Classic) and I'd like to authenticate/login a user from python....

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posted 1 year ago

add user credits support to Laravel Spark (Paddle)

How can I add support for user credits in Laravel Spark (Paddle)? I thought this would be supported...

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Call to a member function forceFill() on null after removing

Up until now, we have been calling Spark::noCardUpFront() in the SparkServiceProvider to stop requir...

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Spark + Stripe Billing Question

Hello, recently we have decided to revamp one of the projects I am a part of, in doing so we have mo...

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Laravel Spark hanging on "Subscription pending"

I can't seem to find any contact email or support for Laravel Spark so I figured I'd ask here... I i...

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Resolve Spark Billable Model w/ Explicit Route-Model Binding

Note - I am using the latest version of Spark (not Spark classic). My application has a many:many re...

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Using Spark for a SAAS project, with team-based billing. Would like the API keys to be team-based as...

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Do I have to "npm run dev" after each update in the vue js?

Hello, I have set up spark and now I want to work with my custom vue component. I'm using the /resou...

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Get all team members job sites if current user is the owner

Hello, i am plugging away at my app and i am required to have team owners to be able to edit / updat...

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Define model based on role

How to define model based on role I have a table where I save users. Users can either be a student,...

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Laravel Spark - CSRF token mismatch on POST Requests to /api/*

Greetings All, I'm experiencing a problem with CSRF token verification on Laravel 5.5/Spark 5.0.0. T...

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Laravel Spark: Getting TokenMismatchException on login as soon as I put an axios.get in my Vue mounted()

Hey guys, Spent a day developing yesterday and was't until I logged out of my app and went to log ba...

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Installing Laravel

I have attempted to install laravel for the last 8-9 days unsuccessfully. I can get composer install...

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