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I want Know about API Authentication Passport

I am new for API Authentication process I have wrote api but now like to add the api authentication...

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Laravel 5.8 Login Not Case-Sensitive

Hi, i'm using laravel 5.8. By default, Laravel uses the email field for authentication. I don't use...

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Integration of SMF script into laravel

Hello, i have one question. How or is possible to store data from SMF SSI (api) into Laravel Auth. I...

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18 Nov, 2019 at 07:31

Custom Laravel Guard for FusionAuth

Hello, Is there anybody there that implemented an custom guard in laravel 5.x using I...

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Laravel 6 Multi Tenancy

I want to create a laravel app with multiple users but I can not find a simple way to do so. Is ther...

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Session issues with Laravel Socialite

at the time of obtaining the user it gives me invalidstateexception, I already made autoload, cache:...

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Auth::user() returns null in test with data provider

I am testing my application (5.8) with the integrated PHPUnit configuration and I have problems with...

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Laravel API middleware not working in production server

Hi friends, I try laravel API authendicate token so i add a middleware method and check api verifica...

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20 Oct, 2019 at 01:22

Laravel/Passport multi server issues

Hi, I am having issues with an app where passport is returning "invalid authentication" in...

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18 Oct, 2019 at 12:08

Facing Issues upon subscribing to presence channel.

I got a vue application inside laravel where i need to implement a real time feature upon successful...

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Is any way retreive password...?

homestead user secret password I do some work in 2017-May, on Laravel homestead VM in VirtualBox but...

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post user_id from Auth through a form?

Hi, I have a form and would like to get the user_id out when submitted here is my store function: pu...

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Sentinel log in not persistent

I have a Laravel 6.0 app thats uses Sentinel for authentication. I can succesfully log in however af...

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Tracking and protecting the downloads of PDF

Hello, A client of mine would like to track the number of downloads for documents in a Laravel 5.8 w...

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Spark registration flow

I'm looking at using Spark for a new project but I'm not that keen on the current registration proce...

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Auto Authenticating on Password Reset?

Hi, When resetting a password I seem to be automatically authenticated and directed to 'Home' rather...

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weird behaviour

Hi, I have strange situation here: I developed our intranet with laravel, only authenticated users c...

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Custom Authentication

I have read through the laravel docs on Authentication, and I am trying to find a clear answer on ho...

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Calling a model function from a controller

use App\Authentication; Route::get('authentication/test', function(){ $auth = new Authentication();...

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New in Laravel 5.8

I want to know the best upgraded feature of laravel 5.8 , have a ecommerce site build on laravel 5.7...

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