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Limit Login Attempts (Disabled Submit Button) if Login Attem

Hello my friend how are you guys !! I want to make a simple trick in my laravel project with Limit L...

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Laravel Sanctum SPA

Hi guys, I have this issue using Laravel Sanctum and Vue SPA. In my SPA (after logging in using Lara...

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laravel + custom auth

I am using laravel 5.8 _I want to create an app that let user to register and logged in using only p...

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Laravel, Vuejs, axios get tasks for logged in user

I am trying to get the tasks of the logged in user into a vuejs component via axios but I keep getti...

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Laravel resetPassword Mail notification not working

Hello, I am facing a stranger issue which is recover password email is not working in Application bu...

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laraval migrate another migration , rather that the last one

Hi . I just create a migration to add a column to my "cvs" table , but when I run migrate...

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Use API to log in in web

We have Laravel application with passport and two auth guards: api and web. We must implement loggin...

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22 Feb, 2020 at 09:36

Laravel API tokens

I am using laravel 5.4 , created mobile API. Now I want to allow multiple mobile device to login for...

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Laravel 6 - Change routing url

Hi. Im fairly new to Laravel, running version 6 atm. I have made a working feature that any register...

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25 Jan, 2020 at 09:17

Login by email or mobile

I'm using Laravel 6. I want user to login either by email or phone. Your help will appreciated. Than...

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Laravel Default login Issue.

I have tried multi auth in Laravel 6 but when I put wrong credentials in laravel default login page...

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Questions about ACL with bouncer

I am trying to implement ACL that includes Roles, Permissions and Users, using Laravel and Bouncer....

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Laravel App with API calls

Let's say I have a Laravel application with vue.js, let's say it's a forum portal. Users can registe...

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Two table authentication

Two table authentication using passport for customer api and admin api

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HTTP Digest Authentication

Hi, I've currently successfully implemented HTTP Digest Authentication using a custom middleware and...

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Authentication/Authorization in an app that's not fully SPA

Hi, Suppose our website has three parts: The first part that includes landing page, display of a pos...

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Azure AD Authentication in Laravel

I am trying to add Authentication with Azure AD to my Laravel-5.8 Web Application. Currently, I have...

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How to make Laravel api multi-auth with or without passport

How to make API Authentication for (User,Admin)two different table. I tried laravel passport but it'...

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12 Dec, 2019 at 09:01

Undefined type ?

After running composer require laravel/ui my project show me the error "Undefined type 'Route'....

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Customized user database

Hi, I'm totally new in with this wonderful Laravel. I'm using Laravel 6 and customized user database...

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