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dynamic mail configuration using Laravel

`In my Laravel application, I am trying to send mail notification based on the company_id of the log...

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Installing on WINDOWS 10 Pro and WAMP

Hi! I have a question, but first... a little kowabunga. I am a lifelong Windows user, through 30 yea...

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Problem on Angular And Laravel API - CORS policy

Hello, First of all sorry for my English. I am in the process of creating a CRM with laravel and ang...

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API with OAuth protection

Hello everybody, I am new to Laravel, but I have started to use it because I read that it should be...

0 Likes 1 Replies laravel echo not working in production in ubuntu

I'm using and laravel echo server with Redis and also SSL installed on the server but the...

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Live Video Streaming using Laravel

I want to do a live video streaming for one of my gaming tournament platform where user can join the...

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I do not understand ui scaffolding

I am rather new to laravel. I could manage to create my first site and deploy it, but attempting to...

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Method Illuminate\View\View::__toString()ja

Method Illuminate\View\View::__toString() must not throw an exception, caught ErrorException: Trying...

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Correct configuration to send emails using sendmail

I am using Laravel 7 and I want to send an email using sendemail driver using Laravel Mail Facade be...

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Backpack Achitecture

Does anyone have some advice or information about setting up the right structures in backpack, altho...

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Invalid request (Malformed HTTP request)

Hi, I keep getting issues with my web service. The problem appears about twice a week. My logs say:...

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Help to integrate CHARGEBEE library

Hello ! Im starting using LARAVEL last version 7.12 and Im newbie here with this framework and Im ha...

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Change location Controllers\Auth

I make project in Laravel 7. I change location Http\Controllers\Auth to Http\Controllers*Admin*\Auth...

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Unexpected behaviour when using Event/Listener

Hello Guys! I have some problems with the usage of Events and Listeners. I'm trying to make an Audit...

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Packages not installing

Hi Guys, I'm executing composer install command getting following error, anyone knows the solution....

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Error 419 laravel de inicio de sesión en algunos navegadores

I have developed an app in Laravel, and it works correctly, except when running from apple and andro...

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How to make an Automatic Selected Booking Date ?

Hello Laravel Brothers,Peace... I have tour reservation site with laravel infrastructure. you can lo...

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Can't reach Laravel website from a different device

I have a laravel website and can not reach it from another device. (Tried solutions proposed here.)...

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Laravel version 6 LTS vs. 7+ vs. Nova

I usually prefer LTS versions. Not least because of its productive use. So i would use Laravel 6 LTS...

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Not Found The requested URL was not found on this server…lar

I am working on a website, its working fine in localhost, but in production with https its showing p...

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