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Laravel Eloquent Route Problems When Editing via PUT

Gentlemen, I have had a problem for days, without getting a solution. I try to pass the route, but a...

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Weird eloquent bindings when using addSelect method.

Laravel Version: 7.13.0 PHP Version: 7.4.6 Database Driver & Version: Mysql & 8.0.20 Descr...

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Call to undefined method App\UserPackage::get05Attribute()

I am trying to use $appends laravel feature see Docs to add a custom attribute to my Model instance....

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Using static data source for a Model instead of DB

I need to replace a classic DB connection for a Model with a Json static file. I can easily open the...

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Try to get some data from an object

Hello everybody, I have this SQL Query : ->select(' as hname', 'herbs.scina...

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Help to covert SQL query to laravel query builder

Hello, I am new to Laravel. As the name applies I need a small help to convert this SQL query to lar...

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how instead call an Eloquent STATIC method from controller

Laravel 6.x the below works… how instead to call an Eloquent Laravel db method??? how instead call a...

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Assignment of students to automatic examination centers

Hello community, I have just set up a project to assign students to the ABC in examination centers,...

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Data insertion in 4 tables with relationship

Hi i have a problem inserting data to 4 tables. Customers : with data of customers. this table hasMa...

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HI sorry for english im newbe to laravel ,im tryng to change a code wrte from another developer. I h...

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Call model function

Hi, I have been approaching Laravel for a few days. My simple question, considering that I have done...

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Unexpected behaviour when using Event/Listener

Hello Guys! I have some problems with the usage of Events and Listeners. I'm trying to make an Audit...

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How to Make relationship for category,subcategory,product

I tried to retrieve the record from three table category,sub-category and products. How to retrive r...

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User Roles Recursive

Hello. I use Laravel with UserAuth and Roles. All works fine. Now I want to add many Roles. The Role...

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Non-static method should not be called statically for scopes

I have a model with those methods: public function waiting() { return ! is_null($thi...

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PHPUnit 8.5.2 Database test unit testing

When I run the phpunit command vendor/bin/phpunit I get this error. I did not understand where I mak...

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Eloquent relation count problems

Hi, I'm currently having the following problem that $eloquentEntity->relation->count() and $el...

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[Packages] Laravel Policy Builder

Hi everyone, I want to share my new package which allows to define within policies methods for build...

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Laravel 6 - Dinamically set DB Connection on model - problem

Hello, On my project, every user has his/her own database, so, to mass assign forms I need to set th...

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Order by highest calculated value hasmany

I have 3 tables parts id offers id | part_id | quantity | price shippings id | offer_id | quantity P...

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