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[Resolve]Some problem with submit form

Hi! I have some problem to send a form in my Laravel Project. I try to submit mass input with same n...

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How can I Submit Form::model for each table row

I'm following along with a Udemy course learning laravel, however the instructor wraps a Form::model...

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Is this class safe use it for authentication?

Hi everyone, im new in laravel. I know that there is a built in auth system but just because a train...

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Just a small Laravel admin panel builder

Hi, here's a small Laravel admin panel builder I've been working on: If you...

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What is the best Reporting Tool for create a report?

Hi guys, i want to create web based application which is will do with many reporting stuff, i need t...

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403 error on from submit

Hi. I faced with some problems on my Laravel project. Script works correctly on WAMP but when I uplo...

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How to Submit form via AJAX in Laravel 5?

Hi to all! Here is my controller: public function store(Requests\GuestbookRequest $request) { $n...

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Image upload error in laravel

i have an issue in image upload in laravel.when i want to upload a file then i got this error SQLSTA...

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Saving Data from Laravel Form in Bootstrap Modal

Hi there i'm noob to laravel. I have some problem with form: originally from stackoverflow: http://s...

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[5.4] How to prevent the csrf_token expiration and caffeine.

I have a page with a form which users use to plan activities and it might require a long time to be...

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How To Create Unique Validation On The Form Request

Hi all I have 2 unique field for label and isbn. For the cleaner code i moved the validation to a Fo...

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How to make simple captcha

This my website: and like this i make contact form: http://wiyono05...

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Newbie: Trying to create a search function on laravel 5

I'm trying to make a search function with laravel 5 and it's not passing the results variable to the...

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Return back->withInput(); when link is clicked

Hi, first post here. I am struggling to come up with a way to make my Laravel application return to...

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Updating another user and ignoring its name/email when validating

Hello, I'm having some trouble realizing a bit of logic in my application. In short, I have a user u...

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Help with Eloquent Search Validate Input Simple Style

I have a very simple Eloquent search form built into my application and I want to prevent when a use...

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Unable to save filename with unicode character in windows

While saving uploaded file with unicode character as filename using move function, it saved filename...

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Route [benice] not defined

I have a form here as below: <form action="{{ route('benice') }}" method="post&qu...

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How to populate HTML using Ajax in Laravel

I have areas, each area has N curses. So, each curse belongsTo one area. I have this selection:...

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Laravel 5.8 based CMS.

Hi! Let me show you my project that I'm working on a while. It's a content management system created...

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