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How to store data in different tables in db?

Hi..Recently I installed DOPTOR CMS.Really it is working good.I have one doubt,while creating the mo...

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Problem saving information in the database.

Hi, I'm new in Laravel. I'm having a problem saving data in the database. I get an array and I'm try...

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28 Apr, 2014 at 03:15

Why is Form::model a code smell?

In this thread Robbo says: "Using Form::model in the first place is a code smell." There d...

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validator with mime XLS fail

hi guys.. I have some problem with laravel validator,.. I just want upload my xls file, but I got th...

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json respone related issue

Hi there, I am trying to integrate jQuery dataTables in my Laravel project but I can't seem to be ab...

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Using delete form in modals (TW bootstrap)

Hi all, I have issue when trying to delete using modal windows confirmation popup. Inside that confi...

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Error Exception Undefined index

Hello Guys, i have a problem to saving the data from my form input array fields to database. i have...

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25 Apr, 2014 at 05:59

Form:: Button Styling

Is there a way to add a (fake) link to a Form:: Button? For some reasons the delete icon is not styl...

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Using lists with eager loading

Hello! I'm trying to get "full_name" from the users table in the lists function like this:...

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Foreign Keys Drop-down List

I have 2 tables: [CUSTOMERS] id, full_name, company_id [COMPANIES] id, company_name I already create...

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optgroup select box

I've found a few examples of using optgroup, but they all seem to be missing what i'm looking for In...

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laravel token validation

hello, I know laravel form prevent outside requests using hidden input filed called "_token&quo...

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Where to put Form::macro() and create chain method (param) on it?

Where to put Form::macro()? And I would like to use chain method on it like this: Form::myField()-&g...

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Combo box grid instead of select box?

I would like to use combo box grid instead of select bbox in my form. Pl help. ....

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Register then Redirect to Intended Issue

I am trying to make it so if a user clicks on a protected link, they get forwarded to a login / regi...

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Access Validation $errors outside a view?

In any view, $errors is always available and returns the appropriate object. However, I'm trying to...

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Help how to have a better management of dependency for my controller

Let's say I have a controller named "PositionsController". This controller depends on &quo...

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17 Apr, 2014 at 05:36

Auto register for jQuery (UI) components

Hi everyone. I am currently building a web application and want to use several of those nice ui stuf...

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Old Input not working in IE?

Hi all, I'm builing a back-end and using Old Input to store inputs over 3 pages. Page 1: show the f...

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Validate multi models in one form

Hi all I have two table in DB : companies and shop, both of them have name fields . And I want to a...

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