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Redis Websocket Questions

I've recent gone through a couple tutorials on getting websockets working in laravel. I chose to us...

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Unresolvable dependency resolving [Parameter #3 [ <required> $emailView ]]

Hi All When I click on the forgotten my password link i get the error below Unresolvable dependency...

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ServiceProvider $defer=true;

Hello! I created some services to my application and i have problem to load this services... First,...

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How to inject the Mock object into an initialzed class while doing integrated tests

I have a controller end point that utilizes Guzzle I have written a wrapper around the Guzzle Client...

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how to to interact with response, before it is sent

Is there anywhere in the app life cycle in which I can interact with the response given from a route...

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extending Laravel 5.2 Illuminate\Routing\Router

i want to add custom methods to my application router. Route::get('email', 'Auth\[email protected]

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Is it possible to inject an interface into Laravels Kernel.php?

I am currently refactoring my Laravel 5 project in order to make use of the Repository Design Patter...

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How to access controller method from inside another controller

Hi, I'm a Laravel newbie and I'm quite confused about laravel architecture. Basically, I need to get...

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Service Container not resolving the same inside Job

Running Lumen 5.2.6 When I fire up a Job, if I do this: public function handle(Application $app)...

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Exception being thrown whenever an exception is thrown during unit testing with PHPUnit

New-ish to Laravel so pardon me if I'm getting something completely wrong. I'm wanting to start unit...

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how to share objects among routes

Hi every one! I have three routes, linking to different functions in the controller. Two of them set...

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Correct way to dispatch a new request inside the application and dealing with Request injection afterward

I am dealing with a restful api. Each controller deals with one type of object. Now the wish is to u...

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[Package] Exception Handler

Custom exception handlers let you define the behavior of your application when a specific exception...

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5 years ago

Service provider ignored

I create a new service provider by running php artisan make:provider ComposerServiceProvider. After...

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Laravel Policies - How to Pass Multiple Arguments to function

I'm looking for a way to pass more than just one variable to the policy function. According to the d...

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Access Http\Kernel class form controller

is it possible to access all the properties of Http\Kernel class from a controller. I want to make a...

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Password::reset without email field

Hello how can I override Password::reset so that it takes only token and password without email ? A...

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7 years ago

Laravel Core - IOC bindShared() VS share()

bindShared() is mostly conquering the core laravel classes, but share() is still being used in certa...

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for a while.. apologize

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Dynamic configuration in route group definition

Hi all We've used the config() helper to allow application developers to configure our predefined ro...

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