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6 Jul, 2021 at 07:03

Why does Laravel add a div when render the view?

I have just notice that Laravel always add a just after open the body tag, div with style display no...

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4 Jul, 2021 at 10:58

Digital signature in Laravel using USB etoke

How to add digital signature to PDF using ePass2003 USB in Laravel 8? digital

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Laravel Livewire UI: UI, Auth, & CRUD starter kit.

I recently released my latest UI, Auth, & CRUD scaffolding package called Laravel Livewire UI. T...

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JWT Authentication

Hello, I would like to know whether we can use the laravel default auth and JWT auth in the construc...

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Laravel Horizon - Production Showing Blank Screen Only

Hi All, So, I have been using Horizon locally for a few months, last week I uploaded the site to a p...

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Laravel + Ratchet Websocket (Get users session on connect)

Hello everybody. I have recently got into learning websockets with ratchet, to use along side my lar...

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UI 2.1: Create CRUD fast & easy with Livewire & Bootstrap

I just released version 2.1 of my UI package which has a CRUD command, new components, and more. htt...

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UI 2.0: Laravel Livewire & Bootstrap 5 UI starter kit.

I just released version 2.0 of my UI package. Laravel Livewire & Bootstrap 5 UI starter kit. Thi...

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Method is not supported on HTTP Test API

I'am trying to test my login API with TestCase. The dump of response of PHPunit is: R{#1553 +"t...

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Nginx Configuration

Hi all, I'm creating a web server on my machine running Ubuntu20.04 in a VM. I already installed the...

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13 Jun, 2021 at 10:35

Editing Words in Laravel

Hello, I have an HRM Laravel Script i will like to change some few i.e "...

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10 Jun, 2021 at 05:25

Route::model with Status class causes problems for spa

Laravel Version: 8.40 PHP Version: 7.4.1 Database Driver & Version: Description: If I add Route:...

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Wrong user data with laravel sanctum

When I login by API and create token for user returning data are correct, but when I use that token...

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Pagination ( onEachSide(5) ) function is not working.

Laravel Version: 8.35.1 PHP Version: 7.4.7 Database Driver & Version: 10.4.13-MariaDB l Paginati...

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Jetbrains Projector Laradock

Hey, I recently did a setup of projector using docker to try out remote dev with my IPad. So far thi...

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Tournament System

Hello world, Im trying to code a tournament system in laravel where users can join a tournament as s...

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28 May, 2021 at 11:51

The Laravel 8 crud that uses the modal does not add data to

Hi, does anyone know why I don't want to enter data into the database after adding using the modal m...

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How to create a collection referencing multiple relations th

I have an issue that I'm running into and can't seem to find an answer or figure it out myself. So h...

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Malzahar: Build apps without writing HTML, CSS, or JavaScrip

I just released a new Laravel package. The concept behind it is to use PHP for everything, so you no...

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Laravel CMS composer Package - Looking for feedback

I created a Laravel CMS CRUD generator. The idea is to keep the CMS totally decoupled from Laravel s...

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