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Cannot use my Artisan console. It simply just says php command not found

When I try to create a controller like this : $ php artisan make:controller PostController it just l...

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Multiple Sessions from same browser

Hi, I am creating an application with different set of users - clients, staff and admin. Each one wi...

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5 Aug, 2017 at 02:18

I am using the following laravel package for my newsletters:

I am using the following laravel package for my newsletters: laravel-newsletter I have the following...

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How can I setup Git pull to Ubuntu server from Push to Bitbucket

I'm looking for a solution like "Git hooks" but my setup is that I'm using Bitbucket as ce...

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phpunit test cases for omnipay purchase and send method.

I've written new repository using omnipay for x payment gateway. I've successfully written test case...

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Form Action Does Not Go To The Right Controller

I am working on an admin dashboard with different sections, to add blog posts to add portfolios bo...

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The response content must be a string with first()

I use Lumen and I get this error when I use the first() method to get a single result from a query:...

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Eloquent and Unions

Hi, I'm using Laravel 5.1 It is possible to construct this query with eloquent ORM? SELECT SUM(CASE...

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Customer count by day for the last 30

Hi Everyone! I am working on building out charts and a little confused on the best approach. I am lo...

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28 Jul, 2017 at 10:04

Laravel Echo

Hello all! So i use Laravel Echo with Pusher, and it worked like a charm... But today it just not! D...

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Eloquent Query pivot data

Hi, I am having problem with my query. I have 4 tables users,prospects,leads,items. All of them rela...

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error 405 "The specified method for the URL is invalid" with all of PATCH and DELETE request method

Last week I tried my patch and delete route for web it work.. But today when I tried all of the patc...

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Auth workflow for Laravel / Vue applications

Hello everybody, this is a question I've been reading and reserching myself for a long time, so I co...

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Define a relationship as a union

Hi, I would like to know if there is a way to define a relationship as a union of two tables? I've a...

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Dusk changes the request and 404 error returns

Hi everybody I am trying to get my first Dusk test working and got stuck. The problem is that I keep...

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26 Jul, 2017 at 09:26

convert SQL query to Larvel

Hello Can any one help to convert this query to laravel format select from users LEFT JOIN...

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Class Iluminate\Http\Reqeust does not exist how to fix that ?

this my error Class Iluminate\Http\Reqeust does not exist namespace App\Mail; use Illuminate\Bus\Que...

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25 Jul, 2017 at 08:50

Laravel 5.4 Scheduler Cron not working in Cloudway server

this is my cron job command in cloudway server: php /home/

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[Laravel 4] Problem Session

I have a problem when I login but not go to the main page, but instead to the login page again? How...

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How to send id data to route from modal form inside a table?

Hi all, I have a problem with passing an id of data to PATCH method from blade file.. I have an inde...

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