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Multiple Laravel Echo Instances -Different Pusher App Keys

window.alpha = new Echo({ broadcaster: 'alpha_pusher', key: 'alpha-pusher-key' }); window.beta...

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How to properly use Controller Middleware?

I am using Spatie/laravel-permissions package for roles & permissions. I have 3 roles namely &qu...

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Help updating laravel-ifx to work with Laravel 5.7

Hello, I'm trying to use Laravel with old system we have, and the DB for this system is Informiox. w...

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Uncaught Error: Class Illuminate\Filesystem\Filesystem

Hi, I install Laravel 5.7 on my server it is throwing error Uncaught Error: Class 'Illuminate\Filesy...

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Laravel package for handling Ticket Support System

I wrote a package for laravel 5 you can use in handling ticketing system within your existing app. I...

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Starting ecommerce site, need few ideas

Hello there guys. I have plenty of experience doing ecommerce site but they all get a bit tough to m...

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How gaming logo designs double the fun

Playing video games is one of the most fun thing for introverts who love to play. It improves your d...

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An e-commerce resource for Laravel - Looking for feedback

Hi folks! My team and I just finished crafting this guide to help Laravel developers deal with e-com...

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when upgrade 5.6 to 5.7 laravelcollective/html requires

I changed "laravel/framework": "5.6.*", to "laravel/framework": "...

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Best Practices: Interfaces+Traits or Same Class Properties

This is one of the biggest conundrums that I face whenever I am extending my company's internal micr...

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Laravel E-Commerce: Aimeos 2018.10 LTS Package available

Hi there We are proud to announce the 2018.10 LTS release of the Aimeos Open Source E-Commerce packa...

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Lumen Extended Starter Pack

Lumen extended starter pack This package is an extended version of the default Lumen framework with...

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LaRecipe - Write gorgeous documentations like Laravel.

Hi everyone 🌸 I just want to share my new package called Larecipe, used to create nice looking docum...

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Multi tenant and event projector integration

Dear, fellow artisan! I have some problem integrating hyn/multi-tenant and spatie/laravel-event-proj...

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Laravel Echo and Pusher

Hello, So, I started playing with Pusher on Laravel 5.6. In the bootstrap.js file where I create the...

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SQL Server Pagination Query row_number() to Offset-Fetch

Is there a way to override the method of the pagination for SQL Server in Illuminate\Database\Query\...

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Laravel state machine package

Hi All, In the last couple of days/weeks I was working on a Laravel and VueJS package to manage the...

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Update swiftmailer to 6.1.0 [ Laravel 5.3]

Hello, I am using Laravel 5.3 and Sparkpost as SMTP server for sending mail. Now Sparkpost deprecate...

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Best practices: How would you translate your page?

So I'm really overwhelmed and not quite sure how to start translating my page. It's not a blog page,...

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How to speed up Laravel Boot ? ( < 100ms )

How can i speed up the boot time. I am trying to dispatch response in under 100ms for a very time c...

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