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Long Running DB Job Queue timing out. Laravel 5.4

Have the timeout for the queue set to 2400 tries 1 and I've set the process command timeout to 2400....

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HasMany relateships errors and cant access my data which is related to

Hello, first of all sorry for my bad english.. I have a problem with model relationships, i cant acc...

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Jobs getting picked up and processed by apache mod-php

I have a series of large, long running import jobs that are implemented as laravel jobs. In developm...

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posted 9 years ago

supervisord not killing processes that time out

I've had a weird problem for a few months and it's only gotten worse. Right now we run all of our qu...

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Distribute collection into collection of related domain model

So I have relations : class Folder extends Model { public function files() { return...

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FatalThrowableError __clone method called on non-object

Laravel Version: 5.4.26 PHP Version: 7.1.5 Description: In my project I have a service class (Serv...

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OrderBy related model?

We have posts and theyneed to be sorted by Authors name and Category popularity. I have tried smth l...

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How to implement Laravel's jobs duplication management?

How to implement Laravel's jobs duplication management? I feel like this feature should be implement...

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Error with Queue Job and Laravel-Mongo DB

Hi ! I use this package and queue of Laravel 5.4. When I dispatch a job, I have an error : Next Ill...

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Queue not working with error local.ERROR: ErrorException: unserialize(): Error at offset 28 of 113 bytes in /var/www/html

We are using laravel 5.3 for our in-house application. When queue executed from Ubuntu supervisor o...

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Laravel 5.3 Mail not sending to queue job after submit data

i had been trying to solve the queue mail for few days, but still i can't find the solution for that...

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Laravel Echo SocketIO problem with private channel

Hi! everyone I working with Laravel Echo and SocketIO witout Vue, but I have a problem with private...

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Supervisor not firing the handle function, while it does works through the terminal.

Hello! I've lately been having an issue with supervisor that I haven't had before. My job's handle f...

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posted 6 years ago

Synchronisch queue system

I am trying to set up an API which uses a queue system on another server to handle the requests. Let...

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Laravel 5.4 mailable does not work with queue sqs

in my controller: $order = Order::with('address','slot','products')->first(); Mail::to('abc@email...

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Sequential, Asynchronous Workflow in Laravel - Help

I'm creating an application that requires defining a number of Sequential, Asynchronous Workflows i...

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Modify Queued Jobs Laravel

I am using redis queue on laravel and i have been struggling with it. Is it possible to retrieve a q...

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Listening for event error

Basically, i'm sending out an event; Pusher is receiving it on their debug console. YET my other bro...

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posted 6 years ago

Release back to the queue without incrementing attempts

We have a use case where we are using the queue to create HTTP requests and we're keen to not effect...

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Multiple crons / administrative tasks

Hi, I currently utilize tasks scheduling, it works via web server user's (www-data) crontab. Now I n...

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