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30 Aug, 2021 at 05:30

How to pause queued job on SIGTERM & resume later?

I'm looking for ways to pause a job whenever the Queue worker (daemon) receives the shutdown signal...

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How can I graceful shutdown queues in Laravel 8?

Reading through the articles by Mohamed Said, I found that a new feature added to laravel v8 to use...

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how to add one more parameter in php laravel

$userInfo = Client::where('username','=', $request->username)->first(); I want to add the para...

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Laravel Schedule running twice using supervisor

Laravel Framework 8.11.2 PHP Version: PHP 7.4.11 Database Driver & Version: MySql 5.7 Descript...

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Horizon Active but not Starting Supervisors/processes

Greetings. I'm trying to get Horizon up and running for our application on Laravel 7. By configuring...

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Laravel Kubernetes deployment questions

I'm polishing Laravel Kubernetes deployment (I'm not the PHP dev,rather devops guy) and have some co...

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which is the best way for scraping data in laravel

I'm working on a laravel api, which is used for an android application. I want to instantly scrape d...

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5 Jun, 2020 at 12:40

Coolbeans - replicated beanstalkd

Hi everyone, I wanted to share coolbeans, a replicated work queue that implements beanstalkd's proto...

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Horizon pending, completed and failed jobs are always empty

Hi there, After update Laravel from 6 to 7 the jobs list are always empty. I've looked around forums...

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15 Apr, 2020 at 02:11

Laravel delay job (Max Delay)

Hello, I am using laravel queue with redis, I want to have 72hours delay jobs. Is it possible? What...

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2 Mar, 2020 at 03:08

Excel: WithMultipleSheets / ShouldQueue / WithChunkReading

How to implement WithMultipleSheet + ShouldQueue on Laravel Excel ? Currently Controller waiting for...

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10 Jan, 2020 at 09:47

Gracefully stopping queue workers, release job when dead

I have a few issues. We do a lot of background work in a pool of several hundred artisan workers acr...

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14 Jan, 2020 at 01:09

App/Job multiple same job instances without overlapping

Hi guys. I am scheduling a queued job and something is amiss with the documentation(or maybe i cant...

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Dynamically change SMTP server for email sending

Hello guys! I am developing a multi tenancy system and I need emails to be triggered according to th...

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Laravel Notification Via Broadcast

Hey, everyone. I have a notification that I send it via broadcast. the notification receives success...

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is it possible to define relationships in Eloquent models of

There are two tables which are in different databases. Let's say one of them is Users and another is...

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Queues with "custom" priority

Hi! I have some questions regarding queues... if I have 4 queues: [high, medium, low, default] and I...

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How rename event channel "laravel_database_channel"?

I need help. I set up Laravel-echo server, redis (in docker) to send Event through webscoket. And my...

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13 Aug, 2019 at 04:54

How To: keep a variable across multiple queued jobs

I've come across a situation where my queued jobs are requiring an api token that I get through hitt...

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Queued Event triggering infinite times

I am dispatching an event called OrderPlaced. This event is implements ShouldQueue. In this event, I...

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