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How to implement facebook login on mobile with jwt

I am trying to make a api for mobile and I ma using jwt based authentication. using tymon/jwt-auth p...

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subdomain folder structure

I am planning to install my laravel app in a subdomain. I can create a folder (for subdomain) outsid...

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Custom way to authetincate users

Hi, for a very small project, I am asked to create a custom authentication layer which works in this...

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Laravel Passport Password Grant Type#OAUTH2

Hey Folks. I am gonna develop an API services for my business. And there is going to be an Android,...

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Set cookie inside middleware

Hello, i created a middleware that check if there is a cookie, if there isn't it create it and retur...

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Problem redirecting user based on user_type [SOLVED]

Having trouble redirecting user based on the user type... So here's the thing, I need to redirect th...

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iframe TokenMismatchException, any suggestions?

I have a plugin for my app that users can implement in their website that contains a form. The probl...

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How to session:destroy in laravel?

Everytime, I proceed to another page then when i go back to the previous page. THe page still displ...

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How do Single Sign on in Laravel 5.3?

How do Single Sign on in Laravel 5.3? Can we use passport?

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csrf token mismatch http code

Hello to all, I have been looking at the csrf middleware and it seems to me that the proper http res...

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Socialite - is it possible to receive fake/impersonated data from OAuth server?

HI, I am new to Laravel/PHP in general, so excuse me if this is a silly question :) My Laravel web a...

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[Package] Laravel Authentication ACL Admin panel

#What is Laravel Authentication Acl? Laravel Authentication ACL is a Laravel4 package (based on Sent...

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Disabling the CSRF Middleware in Laravel 5

I noticed CSRF Middleware is applied to all POST and DELETE requests by default. Is there anyway to...

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Htpasswd and API Upload

Hello, i have on my test Page secure with a Htpasswd. Webserver: nginx with PHP 7 Now my Problem. I...

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How to implement laravel request validation

Hello All, Now i am trying to implement laravel validation on my API controller, and here is my cont...

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Can't get Landlord multitenancy work all times

I'm fairly sure I have this multitenancy functioning part of the time but it's not working for 1 spe...

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Good or not: Always add CSRF token to HTML

Hello, is it save to always add the CSRF token to the HTML code of the main layout? E. g.: <body...

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Middleware auth logging me out?

Hi, I'm a bit new to laravel (and coding in general), so sorry if this question is basic! My issue r...

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Laravel default crypt method unexpected behaviour.

I am trying to encrypt json encoded string from laravel's default encryption. But i am not sure it's...

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Permy - a new ACL and user permissions package

Hey everybody, I would like to introduce you all to my new Laravel package - Permy. Perhaps you will...

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