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Sneat Open Source VueJS Laravel Admin Template

Hey everyone, I hope you're all doing well! I recently discovered an impressive laravel integrated v...

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Upload status shows "100%" before the file is uploaded

Hey guys, quick question please, I am using Laravel, Vue, Filepond, AWS S3 - while I upload a file,...

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laravel redirection after authentification

Why the redirection in this controller method is not working, note : i am using laravel with inertia...

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Use Vue3 options API with Jetstream's Inertia stack?

Hey all! I am trying to figure out if it's possible (and how) to use Vue3's options API for developi...

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posted 9 months ago

Vue warn]: Failed to mount app: mount target selector "#app"

I am trying to use a piece of vue code to create a multiple file uploader in my laravel blade. And i...

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VueJS 2 to VueJS 3 and Vite on Laravel 9

Looks like VueJS 3 uses a different syntax than VueJS 2. Let's see some code: #Here is the blade fil...

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Do I really need to use a state management?

I plan to build a new web app using Laravel + Vue + Inertia. Do I need to use a state management for...

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Laravel Echo dynamic options

Hi! I'm using Laravel Echo in Vue.js and Nuxt.js applications. Applications have some public channel...

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Make close alpine.js page

I work with alpine js or vue I want to make a page That another site can pass a js code And show thi...

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A resource controller inside a route group throws an error

I have PHP 8, Laravel 9 with Inertia (Vue 3). I have a resource controller inside a grouped route. S...

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InertiaJS/Breeze throwing 'undefined reading $page' in prod

Upon running yarn prod inside a Laravel Breeze project with Vue3 and InertiaJS, this console error i...

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assertViewHas() is not working

I am sending data along with a vue in Laravel 9 with Inertia Vue 3 app. Here is the code in controll...

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Localized Routes in Laravel Breeze (Vue)

I am trying to have localized routes where the routes have the following pattern:

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Cannot access into laravel telescope dashboard

I have a laravel application where i am also using vue js. Can i use laravel's debug tool such as te...

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redirect isn't returning the correct URL for my subdomain

I'm working on a Larave, Inertiajs and Vue project where I want every product to open on a route lik...

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Laravel Dompdf Displays generate PDF with Axios

Laravel Dompdf Displays Error when trying to generate PDF with AXIOS.lal I am using https://github.c...

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Import data from a spreadsheet to your Laravel app

Hi, Often, almost of web applications, need to have data import functionality that allow users to im...

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New Laravel Developer Needing Basic Understanding

Hello Artisans, I'm trying to create a simple app to learn Laravel with VueJS. I created a JetStream...

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Need Career advice in Laravel and Vue.js

Hi everyone. I have been working in Laravel and Vue.js for around 1 year and had enjoyed the journey...

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looking for docker with vuejs and laravel latest

hey I tried earlier to set up laravel with oracle automated database in the cloud but it did not wor...

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