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Storing creds in env vars & security?

Usually the norm is to store database, cloud storage creds etc in env vars. Laravel now even has tha...

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Implement a request queue for a REST API

Hi, I'm new to laravel and php in general. I tried to implement a RESTful JSON API that gets a json...

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Hitting a route without refreshing session?

I have an ajax function that polls every 5s to see if a user's session has expired and will redirect...

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posted 8 years ago

Password Reminder giving error

Hello, I followed the example at I can generate an email reset that...

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Session Destroy

Hi, I'm a completelly newbie in laravel and I used to code with native php, here still cant find an...

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Password reset function

Hello all, I tried implementing my own version of the Laravel password reset functionality. The main...

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posted 8 years ago

Token is not changing

I'm using a form in my project and the CSRF token is the same every time I load/reload the page. Eve...

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Undefined index: token

Hi, Have little problem. It is about password reset. Everything works fine until the point when I su...

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Changing blades if user logged in

At the moment I have a header.blade.php, i am currently checking if the user is logged in to decide...

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Reminder email not being sent

Emails are working fine everywhere else. I set up the password reset according to the docs. Everyt...

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Problem with database query (Surprisng Results)

HI all, I am New to laravel and learning going through laravel documentation and practicing side by...

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Basic http authentication

I know how to use Laravel's basic authentication and how to change the column name. Is there a way t...

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posted 9 years ago

Bcrypt hashing not supported

Greetings people: Im trying to use Hash class to encrypt my passwords, but the error Bcrypt hashing...

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Eloquent mass assignment security policy

The fill method of Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model is used for mass assignment, and it is called...

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What Is Laravel Throttle? Laravel Throttle is a rate limiter for Laravel 4.1. Laravel Throttle was...

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What Is Laravel Binput? Laravel Binput is an input protector for Laravel 4.1. Laravel Binput was cr...

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What Is Laravel Security? Laravel Security is a port of the security class from Codeigniter 2.1 for...

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Subdomain POST requests - CSRF protection?

Hi All Firstly, I'm digging this new design for Laravel.IO - it just gets the job done so well. :) R...

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