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password_confirmation in administrator/frozennode

im using administrator.frozennode but when i try to add a edit_field with the pass confirmation, the...

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Best Practices for Validation Inside Models

I just came across an example that put the validation inside of a model like so: class User extends...

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[ user temporarily banned for post content ]

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Validating unique data with validation service

I'm using a validation service to validate user submitted form input (something along the lines of:...

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Load different template on different request

I do have 2 different on my pages but I would like to load in different situation, for example when...

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Undefined index: token

Hi, Have little problem. It is about password reset. Everything works fine until the point when I su...

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Alpha space validator

How to use use alpha numeric validation.. Have seen few topics, but the validator file location has...

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[Tutorial] Model Validation using Observers

Hi guys, I have recently posted a new tutorial on something that seems to have been missed by the La...

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Validation exception with different results

I am creating Validation service witch throws ValidationException if error ocured. That works fine,...

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