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Laravel 5 How to solve the error when validate a unique username using Boostrap FormValidation Remote

I got an error when i want to validate an unique username using Boostrap FormValidation remote. Belo...

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Update unique field Laravel 5.4????

I can not update unique field public function rules() { return [ 'nickname'...

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Custom Validation on Multiple FileUpload

I'm having problem return false on this multiple file input. It is working for textboxes. Anyone can...

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Laravel-5.4 - how to store the image path in database for all users who registers

I am using laravel-5.4 make:auth . Added one extra field in user table -> profile picture in view...

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Validation alphabet and numeric value

what is regex for validation if value have both alphabet or numeric value ? thanks

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setting rule for unique name on existing row

Hello, in laravel 5.4 setting rule for unique name like $rules = array( 'name' => 'r...

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can't determine source of integrity constraint violation

Hi, I'm trying to work out why Laravel is throwing Integrity constraint violations on my main regist...

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Custom validation message for exists

Is it possible to define a custom message for the exists:table,id rule? I tried the following public...

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Problem Login with Laravel 5.4+Sentinel

Hi.. i am new in Laravel environment and i just met problem in my first application. I made a page f...

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Job Offer: Looking for help with Ajax form submission

Hello, I am looking for someone that can sit with me on skype and TeamViewer, and help me develop an...

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Form request validation for "string" lets an empty array pass without error

Is this considered a bug in Laravel? Make a validator and require the field to be a string. It corre...

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User login only if account status is active.

I'm currently developing my own app and I got stuck at the login part, it does work fine, however I'...

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Changing default columns and table in Laravel Auth 5.2

Ok I am having this problem for a week now. I am following the naming convention of our company in c...

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Laravel 5.4: $this->route('table') doesn't work in Request validation rules

In Laravel 5.4 doesn't work $this->route('table') that I use when I want to editing data in table...

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Laravel 5.3 Throttle Login

I have notice that Throttles in Laravel 5.3 are different then 5.2 while I was trying to write my ow...

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Able to bypass Image validation

Laravel Version: 5.4 PHP Version: 5.6.24 I have wrapped an executable inside an image which has th...

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Jquery remote method validation in laravel

I want to live check username availability and existing email using jquery remote method . can anyon...

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TokenMismatchException, but where is it coming from?

I've got a published website, since yesterday it did look to be fine. Yerstrday and today instead, I...

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Laravel Form validation with logic operators

I have a form with 4 fields. But according to requirements. If 'Message' field is set, then user can...

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Unable to confirm email on

I don't see a support channel for the site so I'll start a new thread. I received the not found page...

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