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laravel cookie run across subdomain

I Have a project where subdomain are created for users like a there are and jenny.e...

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Session laravel 5.3 not working over LAN

currently using : laravel 5.3 session driver already tried memcached,redis my session data each ref...

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Save User data? session? cache? db?

Hello, i have web app using laravel, for each user there is permissions sets array and subscription...

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Caching in Homestead with NFS despite sendfile being off

I have NFS enabled in Homestead.rb (otherwise my responses are way too slow): # Register All Of...

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Unable to Login Rapidly after Logging out In Chrome -

#Relevant System Information System - Virtual Box Ubuntu 16.04, PHP 7.0, Google Chrome 55.0.2883.87...

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Free Third-Party Alternatives

Okay so as I am reading the Laravel Documentation, I am kinda noticing they are trying to sell me on...

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Model already exist

So I can't find the answer to this. I had my class Permission, the name of the file was Permission.p...

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Random pagination cache

Hello, I am trying to cache a query which is ordered by RAND() in my category->questions() relati...

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Manually logging in as a user, then redirecting, shows me previous user unless I refresh.

This has been a persistent issue, and now it is time to fix it. I have a section of a projcet where...

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Cache Auth::user()

I'd like to cache Auth::user() calls, because I have the username of the logged in user in my top na...

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[ L 5.3 ] view blade not update

Hii. I used laravel 5.3, change the view but always cache old view, how to fix that? deleted all cac...

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Question about queuing and cache

Hey guys I'm developing an app across Windows and OS X. Is it okay to use the 'database' option for...

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How to run run your own written service provider before laravel core service providers

I want to run my own provider before laravel core provider how can i do it?

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How to catch \Predis\Connection\ConnectionException

I have enabled REDIS as default CACHE_DRIVER instead of FILE, but if redis instance is down for exam...

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Set up response header for Route::group or all routs in application - how ?

The same problem Now the issue is in the follo...

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Laravel4 Redis Cluster Support?

how to enable cluster in laravel config? 'redis' => array( 'cluster' => false, 'default' =&...

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Need some help with redis or cache in general

Hi! How can I override all exception(at least for 'get' command) from redis in laravel? In my app ca...

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Caching eloquent models since laravel 5

does anyone has an idea on how to cache without creating your own cache tags for every single cache...

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Static File for navigation to improve first request

Hi Everybody, I am developing the following application

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Laravel memcached on WAMP

Hi, I'm using WAMP on Windows. I have memcached installed. The steps that I followed to install memc...

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