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How to redirect to post form when validation fails?

i am using POST method to edit the user web.php Route::match(['get','post'],'/editUser', 'UsersCon...

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Populating a dropdown menu from MySQL database

I'm trying to populate a drop down menu with database results in Laravel 4. I'm extremely new to Lar...

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Laravel Template creator

I want to create template for my company's website .Which are the best template creator for Laravel...

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I got this error when I add to database. But when I try to another PC theres no error yet. See error below

QueryException in Connection.php line 729: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1449 The user specified a...

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How to make migration flexable in laravel ??

How do i do it ?? without loosing my earlier data and my earlier migration ??

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Why Choose Laravel PHP Development For Your Business

With the ever rising technology and the increasing competition in the web world, it has become hard...

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jQuery $.post stops working

So I was trying to do some nice looking registration, then user presses register button ajax checks...

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jquery select2 multiselect initialize selected elements

Good morning everybody, I'm stuck while trying to set initial selected options (got through an ajax...

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save unaltered image to server with intervention (how to?)

Hi there, I finally managed to crop resize and compress an image file the user is submitting through...

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How to get all data from html table to controller

I have a form with html table in my view. How do I get all data from the html table to my controller...

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How to redirect to a user with populated data

Hi, I have a condition check to perform, whether the particular logged in user has values, if there...

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How to auth with Laravel 5.4

I keep getting all sorts of funny errors just by trying to see an application can actually work in L...

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Change config value(s) from a form

Imagine I want to change the debug parameter from true to false. Is there something to WRITE "f...

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How to return to a previous page after validation errors occur

Hello, I have 3 pages. First page with a simple form Second page with a more advanced form. After f...

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Class 'Collective\Html\HtmlServiceProvider' not found

Hello i am trying to use the form builders for laravel 5.2 but i keep gettign this same error Class...

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jQuery code not working

My jQuery code is not working. Every seat is a checkbox. I am trying to disable those seats that are...

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Problem with AngularJS Ajax http call

Anyone who knows AngularJS AJAX HTTP calls, please look over my code. I am stuck in a problem. I tri...

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Open routes in Laravel 5.2 ?

The thing is that I am having problems implementing a code from github,I don't know what the solutio...

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Forms inputs value are not reset after browser refresh

Hello, I'm using Laravel 5.2 and I noticed that when I refresh my page (with the browser or with f5)...

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Laravel mongodb JSON data

DB::connection('mongodb') ->collection('XXXXXXXX') ->get(); [{"_id":{"$oid"...

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