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Swagger Integration in laravel

Hi everyone I am using laravel 5.6 in my project. I want to integrate swagger for documentation part...

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Is Laravel suitable for this use case?

I run a basic directory and audio player for a few small blind charities. I built it on an extremely...

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laravel npm install,help i get this error on npm install

$ npm install npm WARN deprecated [email protected]: Browserslist 2 could fail on reading Browsers...

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installation errors

Hi i am facing problem during installtion of laravel . E:\xampp\htdocs>composer create-project --...

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when upgrade 5.6 to 5.7 laravelcollective/html requires

I changed "laravel/framework": "5.6.*", to "laravel/framework": "...

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Running Laravel Homestead on a custom Ubuntu VM server

The vagrant Laravel VM is to large for our needs as we just need MySQL, PHP and nginx. So our approa...

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What is actually inside the Vagrant box if not Homestead?

Hey folks... I'm relatively new to developing in Laravel and I have carefully avoided using Homestea...

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Cannot create virtual host with Fedora 28, LAMP and Lv 5.6

When I config httpd-vhosts.conf like this and create a file index.php, I can access to index.php by...

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Update swiftmailer to 6.1.0 [ Laravel 5.3]

Hello, I am using Laravel 5.3 and Sparkpost as SMTP server for sending mail. Now Sparkpost deprecate...

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“GET /index.php” 404 when dockerize Laravel app

I tried to have a very minimal setup, to dockerize Laravel app. Even the nginx able to forward the r...

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Feedback wanted: Deploy tool Laravel

Hello everyone! I recently started with, my intentions when I started it was pure for privat...

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How to speed up Laravel Boot ? ( < 100ms )

How can i speed up the boot time. I am trying to dispatch response in under 100ms for a very time c...

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Run laravel project on existing apche server of centos

I have a server of CentOs 7 where apache is running. I'm using it for run my web applications. Now I...

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laravel 5.6 with angular 6 integration

I want to use laravel(as backend) and angular(as frontend). As far as I know I can use 2 methods :-...

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Local Routes on server after deployment..

My problem is that i tried to upload my project to the server (using filezilla uploaded the whole th...

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Default mount system Homestead on Windows slow

Hi guys, First, I'm French, and sorry for my bad English ;) Well, I starting learn Laravel ~1 month...

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Blank page on my server

I'm trying to view my pages on my sever. When I installed laravel on my server I could access the we...

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Laravel Teams Problem

Hello, I have a Problem i will create Teams for Users Amateur, Community etc. I have create Migratio...

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Laravel Passport Invalid credentials grant_type - Password

I am having difficulty setting up Passport in Laravel 5.6. The first time when I followed this tutor...

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