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Error on new laravel v8.5.9 project

Hi all, I am trying to open a new laravel v8.5.9 project using composer create-project laravel/larav...

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Can´t install Valet

Hi After a fresh install of brew and composer, I was not able to install Valet Here is the result. `...

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but the folder here in the local machine Windows 10 is empty

I added a Site in Homestead/Vagrant/VirtualBox/Laravel 8.x

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I need help Laravel 8 big problem ASAP

Hi guys, thank you for reading my thread, I'm running Laravel 8 and have some controller function, I...

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Undefined constant 'STDIN'

[2021-03-12 00:39:33] production.ERROR: Undefined constant 'STDIN' {"exception":"[obj...

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class 'Clickatell\ClickatellServiceProvider' not found

am having the following error whenever i composer install, i have tried verious method still doesnt...

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problem with vuetify in laravel 8

I have the same problem like >> may...

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Issue with Request class when running composer install

I have updated my Laravel app from 6 to 7 and then 8 without problems. However, when I try to build...

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Laravel .htaccess and no login register pages found

<IfModule mod_rewrite.c> <IfModule mod_negotiation.c> Options -MultiViews -I...

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Centos 7 / Laravel 8 / docker / installation failure

I'm running this as per the Centos Laravel 8 docker instructions provided here:

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Installing on WINDOWS 10 Pro and WAMP

Hi! I have a question, but first... a little kowabunga. I am a lifelong Windows user, through 30 yea...

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joedixon/laravel-translation error during installation?

joedixon/laravel-translation error during installation in Laravel: Unsupported operand types? I am f...

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API with OAuth protection

Hello everybody, I am new to Laravel, but I have started to use it because I read that it should be...

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Files and folders required for laravel project

Which files are required so I can move them or sell the project to others. As I think laravel has fi...

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Installing jetstream on fresh laravel 8x

On a fresh laravel project I would like to install jetstream as described by the documentation which...

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How to use paytms payout in laravel ?

hello, i have been working in a project that handles money transfer between users. I am using Paytm...

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Uninstalling laravel

There is a way to install laravel using Composer... composer global require laravel/installer So, is...

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there are no commands defined in the "nova" namespace

Just try to install Laravel Nova. but keep getting this error message when running php artisan nova:...

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Composer install fail on PHP 7.2 for Laravel 6.x

According to Laravel 6.x docs it has following PHP dependency. However fails composer install since...

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Tool to manage mutliple deployments of Laravel app

I am developing Laravel app, which would be in the end sold to many different customers (SaaS). Sinc...

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