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SQLSTATE[HY000] [1045] Access denied

I have followed all your threads. but nothing worked for me. I'm using wamp server and i have create...

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Nginx Fails to Serve When Accessing Route

So I have a fresh web server set up with Ubuntu 18.04. I've got Nginx running with PHP 7.3 FPM as th...

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Laravel Point of Sale

This is the proud moment for us, now we are announcing one of our key extension "Laravel Point...

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Laravel eCommerce Multi-tenant SaaS Module

We are proud to announce the release of Laravel eCommerce Multi-tenant SaaS Module. A complete SaaS-...

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laravel socialite installation error

Trying to install laravel socialite And got the following error: composer require laravel/socialite...

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laravel 5.3 shows white blank page on AWS

When deploying my project on AWS with php 7.0, I got blank page. Please I need help ASAP

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Best E-Commerce Plugin For laravel

Hello everyone. I am trying to develop an e-commerce project for my personal online shop. Where I ne...

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Build Laravel Web Applications faster than ever

Developers are lazy. No, I’m not kidding—they work hard to create systems that help them avoid more...

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Since updating to Laravel 5.6.8 my Mysql Database is being wiped out. MY phpunit.xml <?xml versio...

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Laravel Not Running on shared hosting without SSH

Hellow Everyone, Am new to laravel hence not familiar with its tweaks. I have tried and tried all go...

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Please help to install Forms & HTML package

Dear freinds! I try to install Forms & HTML package Server Software CentOS release 6.10 (Final)...

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Lumen + Docker Tutorial

Hi, my name is Ezequiel, i'm from Argentina. I'm looking for a Tutorial to learn how to start a proy...

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sql server connection in laravel php project : PDOexception

I have laravel php project which uses sql server db . when I start the application in xamp, it is re...

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Homestead Vagrant up error and Hosting

hello iam getting the following 2 errors: my current directories is following: homestead->E:\Lara...

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Deploying laravel api rest on ubuntu and nginx

I have a REST API with Laravel 5.5 LTS that I want to deploy to my ubuntu server and use nginx. I ha...

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Deploy Laravel App on Addon Domain with Shared Hosting

I've searched up and down and while there are a lot of the same solutions out there that show how to...

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laravel server konfiguration

hy, I just installed Laravel version 5.6. then make auth, then I create a login folder in the public...

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Uncaught Error: Class Illuminate\Filesystem\Filesystem

Hi, I install Laravel 5.7 on my server it is throwing error Uncaught Error: Class 'Illuminate\Filesy...

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posted 3 years ago

error on install without vm: Closed

I like VM but I think that I have to be able to install a project without a virtual machine. So I re...

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Laravel production & test environment

I'm new with Laravel, and maybe I don't understand Laravel very well. Is it possible to make 2 proje...

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