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404 when navigating to a get route in laravel on production

On production, when I navigate to in my browser I get a 404 p...

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how to create my own button with crudbooster in Laravel?

I have a button called "Buat SPT". I just want this button call my controller called Admin...

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Issue of Auth:check and Users sessions

Hello to all. I have an issue that i can't understand what is wrong. I got CRM and when users is log...

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Chrome error Failed to load resource

Hi Guys, i have a strange problem with my website based on laravel. The point is when i try lo load...

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Will I lag behind in my career or earn low as I work on PHP?

I have been in Software Development since 5.3 years. I worked a lot on PHP, its frameworks(laravel,...

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Laravel Passport Api Access Token used For Client Side

Hi! i have little knowledge of laravel passport api, i made serveral api for android devices but nev...

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Getting error in Laravel 5.7 edit route page not found

Laravel Version 5.7 , PHP version 7+ I created a resource controller -> CategoryController [havin...

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Going to home when trying to reach /login or /register

I am using Auth scaffolding in laravel 5.5. But when i try to go to /login or /register,i am redirec...

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posted 4 years ago use of jobs

Hi there, new in the community! I am still trying to find the best way to work with Laravel and some...

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Error Connection SqlServer

I tried everything, my laravel that did not fit the driver ... I have an application with pure php a...

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UnexpectedValueException laravel :protocol error

I am doing a project in Laravel 5.6 homestead. I got this error after i ran php artisan cache:config...

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How to optimize laravel applicaiton by using Class map

I have eCommerce website develop on Laravel but performance of site is quite slow , so how can i opt...

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call to undefined method and parse error

I have 3 tables: users, category and profile tables. The profile table has user_id and category_id a...

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Error:Sorry, the page you are looking for could not be found

Hello everyone, I'm sorry if this question has already been answered but I didn't found any answer s...

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file_put_contents() failed to open stream: Permission denied

hi guys i have a problem with laravel coding that i ran my project on cpanel and i encountered with...

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Best version of laravel

What is the most efficient version of laravel?

0 Likes 2 Replies code: why use use App\Helpers\SendsAlerts

Hello, I was checking code on github and I was wondering why are we using SendAlerts in b...

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Website not Opening

after successful uploading of my laravel project to remote server, this is what i see when i visit t...

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posted 9 years ago

Laravel vs a CMS (like WordPress)

I have been building several websites in Wordpress, and recently I finished my first project in Lara...

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