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Ajax Multiple image upload (Dynamic images)

i have a array of image file when i send the files through ajax, i could not save the files. this is...

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PHP God Game training

Hi guys I'm due to give a training on agile software development in PHP in a couple of weeks - not L...

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Image upload error in laravel

i have an issue in image upload in laravel.when i want to upload a file then i got this error SQLSTA...

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posted 9 years ago

Code Climate vs. Scrutinizer vs. SensioLabsInsight

Code Climate Just set up Code Climate for the website:

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Return back->withInput(); when link is clicked

Hi, first post here. I am struggling to come up with a way to make my Laravel application return to...

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Laravel 5.2: use mass-assignment with dimsav laravel-translatable

I am using Laravel 5.2 Package dimsav laravel-translatable 6.* This is my worked controller $about =...

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posted 5 years ago - registration confirmation

Hi all, I just starting coding in Laravel. I starting code review sources... I can not un...

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Call to a member function getClientOriginalName() on null

posting my repository code /// public function saveAdvertiser($advertiser,$advlogo) { $industryId =...

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Laravel vs Meteor JS

I used Laravel since v 3. But now i am try on Meteor JS. What do you think?

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Audio Streaming with Laravel

I want to stream audio files using laravel as backend. I am going to refer the stream url in android...

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Need An Architectural Design

Hi All, I am Jithin. I had been working on laravel for the past one year. During that time I develop...

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About Composer

I have a Project ABC in laravel.And other project PQR.Can we used ABC project model into PQR project...

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Integrating Multiple Websites into single Laravel App

Currently I have 4 different websites , each having admin control panel , so I have 4 admin panel ur...

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jQuery $.post stops working

So I was trying to do some nice looking registration, then user presses register button ajax checks...

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How to find best Laravel developer?

Laravel is best PHP framework in PHP programming. if you are finding laravel developer in the word....

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How make REST API in laravel 5?

Hello, I have angular app. I want use laravel5 like API server. This must be separated parts. Datab...

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Laravel 5 web application

Chandra admin template :- This admin template is the ultimate one among all other backend admin te...

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Is that possible to use json_decode() in Laravel Request Validation ?

Hello guys , Is that possible to use json_decode() in Laravel Request Validation ? I have a form in...

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Using $rss = new DOMDocument(); in function of a Controller

Hi, i would like to include a small RSS reader into a function of a controller: class RSSController...

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