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Using array form data array in Vue , not working when I compile on webpack .

Hello Guys , I have a code that is working fine in Vue , but when I compiled it on Webpack , is not...

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group by + min

i have models "Book" and "BookCategory" how to select the cheapest book in every...

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laravel cashier SubscriptionBuilder.php

Laravel cashier. In the create method in the SubscriptionBuilder class I need to insert a value into...

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Use unique validation for only specific record in database table

I'm trying to validate unique title for specific book_id it means is should be unique only specific...

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Laravel list DB values into an Array Object

Hello Guys , I have a question maybe some one can help me . I want to list my db values object ->...

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custom fields when throw Exception

Hi, I want to throw exception in my controller. I use this code: abort(404, 'user not found') I wan...

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Laravel on Google AppEngine: Any way to NOT write services.json?

Google AppEngine is my server platform of choice for all new apps. It's affordable (free during deve...

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What are some Laravel project ideas I can pitch to my clients?

I'm doing a business presentation on the benefits of Laravel, and I was wondering what are some good...

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posted 9 years ago

How to mark up forum posts.

Markdown Forum posts can be marked up in a number of ways. For one, it supports a basic Markdown imp...

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posted 6 years ago

Laravel 5 pagination

Hello everyone, I have this error after trying to optimise Laravel with php artisan optimize FatalEr...

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I’m designing an online course to teach you how to build a blogging system with Laravel from scratch

Perhaps you have completed the courses like PHP with Laravel for beginners - Become a Master in Lara...

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Introducing Laraexpo

Hello Devs, Introducing Laraexpo ( a little side thing i've been working on for...

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How to add a additional condition in a join using query builder laravel 5.3?

My regular query is like this : SELECT e.field1, b.field2, c.field3, d.field4, a.field5 , a.field6...

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posted 6 years ago

Github - yappkahowe/scrumboard: A simple real-time scrum board built with Laravel 5.3 + Pusher

Try it out and leave some feedbacks.

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GitScrum is a project to help developer team. Git + Scrum = Team More Productive

#GitScrum I am developing a project called GitScrum, it is a Laravel 5.3 application to help teams u...

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Problem rollover on iphone with IOS 8.0

Hello, kindly I can help to understand why the rollover of the mobile is fine with all devices excep...

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Why i am not using Laravel ?

Hello everyone, These days in "Laravel Türkiye" (facebook group for turkish developer who...

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Open source classifieds site code review

Hi, to all, i'm looking for code review of my open source laravel 5.2 project about classifieds ads....

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Advertisement on My Laravel Project

I don't now why, but i made all my project with my own code, without using any template, but sometim...

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