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Asset-Pipeline SCSS Compass

I'm setting up Asset-Pipeline as part of our project. Previously we used Codekit to compile these SC...

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Foundation and Support packages clarification

Can someone please explain , from a point of good architecture/design why Foundation and Support pac...

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Where to put bucket name for aws-sdk-php?

All the examples show to specify your bucket name on the spot, but what if I use the same bucket nam...

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11 Feb, 2014 at 01:38

Dependancy Isn't being injected in package

Hi all, I'm creating an artisan command package and when i try to run artisan, i get a "{"...

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11 Feb, 2014 at 03:20

[Conversation] Help me refactoring this class and make it testable

Hi all, I've this lil class that helps me in building a form for a specific case: Invoice Infos http...

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Make Laravel packages stable

Laravel composer want stable as minimum-stability. If I attempt to install my own package I've to se...

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__DIR__ set wrong?

Recently updated Laravel to 4.1, tried running "artisan serve" and get this error: Symfony...

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9 Feb, 2014 at 05:36

do not work my workbench package

Hello buddies, I have a problem in package development. When I create a new workbench package these...

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10 Feb, 2014 at 11:44

Where to put extra (helper) classes?

Hi, may be a silly question, but its my first project on Laravel, so a quick guidance would be helpf...

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Senrty extends problem with config

I need to override some of the things, one of them - hasher I create new package: <?php namespac...

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Why should we use Composer? Does it matter if we don't?

Perhaps this question relates to some but not all packages. Sorry its a bit long. So many package in...

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Laravel Asset managment

Hi , I want to use any Asset managment for my laravel 4.0 app . previously i have used codeselve ass...

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5 Feb, 2014 at 02:27

Packages for generating & display user activity feeds?

In the past I've done this on my own but I'm wondering if anyone knows of an open-source package to...

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6 Feb, 2014 at 08:13

Fetching data from Flickr not working

Hello, I am using this library - to get data from Flickr. B...

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Havve Any Idea to make automatically or dynamically routes laravel 4?

i have some problem to make routes in laravel, i have a package then i call from routes it is work f...

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Minify your HTML

Laravel HTML Minify This package compresses the HTML output from your Laravel application, seamlessl...

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4 Feb, 2014 at 09:17

LESS support in Laravel

I've been looking around a little bit on this topic and I've found quite a few bundles and so forth,...

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How to install ext-gmp?

I get the following message when upgrading one of my L4.0 projects to 4.1 phpseclib/phpseclib sugges...

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[Package] Laravel HttpCache

HttpCache for Laravel 4.1: Laravel 4.1 can easily use...

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Doctor Channeling System

Hi, So we have a new project that will be used by multiple hospitals to have web-based doctor channe...

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