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Correctly passing csrf with jQuery(formData) ?

I have an upload script that has a fall back to flash which doesn't pass the session, instead i can...

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How i can apply filters in my project

I just started laravel and going through the docs to get acquainted with the framework i just cant s...

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openssl_random_pseudo_bytes() on Windows slows down my application

Hi there, Some days ago, I was facing some problems with my application which was slown down by some...

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How secure is Laravel's image/file uploader?

How much security is abstracted into laravel's file uploader? Is it still recommended to re-save the...

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Authentication with two different tables

Hi, I've got two sites - a cms and a front-end site. I've successfully implemented the login/authen...

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Redirect problem

I made a login form, when i'm logged in I should go to the home page. => http://localhost:8080/GE...

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Using HTTPS sitewide

I purchased and installed an SSL certificate for my site. The certificate is working as I can navig...

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shell_exec - how to do?

I want to execute shell_exec('whois'); and get only email field in a laravel app. how to...

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Rerouting not working for logout route only

Just starting out with Laravel and I've come across a weird problem when I try to log a user out (co...

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How to add more data to Auth::user() without extra queries?

Hi there, I'm rather new to Laravel 4 and can't seem to find the right answer, maybe you can help: A...

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Problem Function $.get Blade

Hello my friends, I am the problem in the function. every time when you press it returns me the cont...

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Css, Js, and Image internal folders in the Layout View. Is possible?

Dear friends, I'd like to use one internal image for the background of my layout, but I wouldn't lik...

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Invoker JMXInvokerServlet

Hey, i got a Exception Mail from my project. Someone tries to access the following url: http://myhos...

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Force logout for a specific user

My app allows users to log in and manage their data. But if a user is logged in and an admin removes...

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Place for php.ini setting in Laravel?

I would like to set php.ini setting like: // example ini_set('max_execution_time', 30000); where pu...

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php web server and Redirect::to

Hello, now i use new for me method of development. i use php web server on local development machine...

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Filter for all destroy methods

Hey, is it possible to filter all destroy methods before deleting any data? I want to use Entrust wi...

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Auth over ssl fails

Hi I have a very strange issue. I have recently been trying to add an ssl cert to my site, and when...

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[HELP] User must implement Remindable interface

I use database driver and I am getting this error while doing a POST to /password/remind . Any idea...

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