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How to implement real time username validation?

I am new to laravel and I am trying to validate username in real time. Hoping to get a reply :-)

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How trigger the function markEmailAsVerified() [Laravel 5.7]

The new Laravel 5.7 uses the MustVerifyEmail trait on the registration and authentication. If we use...

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Session is killed after login attempt

I have set up login feature for normal login (email, password) and facebook login using socialite. E...

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App Starter Kit made with Laravel and Quasar

Hello everybody! I did this and I want to share it with all of you. Laqu-l App starter kit

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creating like and dislike buttons using polymorphic relation

hi, i want to create a like and dislike buttons on a post, which save the status of the user in a li...

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Laravel Socialite custom provider

I am trying to create a custom provider to make auth into my API, I already create the Client in my...

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Get first name and last name from Facebook

Hello, I have not field for name but for first_name and last_name. How can i get first name and last...

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Mobile App Security Best Practices For App Developers

Read this post to know about the latest mobile app security best practices for app developers which...

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stateless twitter login with laravel/lumen/socialite

I want to create social based logins for my api In the "docs" <_< it says you can us...

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Laravel Socialite class not found

I need to set up social authentication in Laravel asap as the project delivery is in touching distan...

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Lumen + Socialite - Laravel\Socialite\Contracts\Factory is not instantiable

Can anyone help me with this problem?

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Laravel 5.2 - Socialite Providers Twitter give me bad authentication data

I use Laravel 5.4 with Socialite Providers (

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Post/ Tweet after login using sociolite?

I have successfully integrated socialite to my apps, and now I can log in using Twitter and want to...

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